love story

boy meets girl
Girl crushes on boy
and asks him to go play laser tag
he says NO (!!)
but eventually comes around and crushes right back.
she gets happy, and scared, and nervous. But mostly happy.
Because what if it he would catch her after jumping off this dangerously high cliff?
It would definitely be worth it.
So he kept asking her out. She kept saying yes.
He held her hand. And she held his right back.
She asked him if this was real. He said yes.
That made her smile because she knew that for her,
It was the most real thing she had ever experienced.
He told her stories that made her laugh. And stories that made her cry.
He showed her his secret places.
He bought her more ice cream than any person has any business ever eating in an entire lifetime.
She went home to her family and her mountains for a weekend.
He came with her.
And oh man. He was a hit, let me tell ya.
She started to wonder if she could let down all her walls.
At this point, he had broken down all her walls but one.
Could this be the man she had fantasized and wished for her whole life?
That is a preposterous idea!
But the last wall started to crumble
When he told her he could probably be with her forever.
And she knew she wouldn’t at all be opposed to that idea either.
In place of my walls, a beautiful flower started to grow.
The most beautiful flower in the world.
When she met his family.
She loved them so much. Just like she loved him.
But this was all so fast.
She should be scared out of her mind. Nearing insanity.
But she wasn’t.
Instead, she felt peace like a river.
It felt so right. And So beautiful. And so obvious.
Obvious to everyone involved.
It hit her, like a sunrise.
Gently, peacefully, yet magnificently.
He was the man who he had promised her would one day sweep her off her feet.
He was the man. THE man. And the ONLY one.
Who unlocked her heart and began to carry it in his.
Who also promised to take care of it. Forever.
Who she also sincerely trusted to do so.
Who loved her more than anything else in the world.
And she believed him with all her heart when he said those words to her.
She said them back. And she also really meant it.
They both thought they knew love before they met each other.
But they didn’t. Not love like this, anyways.
He was hers. And She was his.

And now she understands why it never worked out with anybody else.
And she is SO glad that it didn’t.

A little while later-
He knelt down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.
She still is in shock that somebody would choose her.
Out of everyone.

But we both chose our love, and we both LOVE OUR CHOICE.
And we will live happily ever after.

And that, my friends, is delayed gratification AT IT’S FINEST.
I’m the happiest, luckiest girl in the world!
Jeffrey Dean Andersen is the man of my dreams,
and I’m going to be with him forever.
i hate pda, but hey it was a special occasion

oh and now we are married...
wedding pictures here and here
engagement story here
the birth story of our first child here


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