sometimes i belt songs when jeff is doing homework
sometimes i belt songs all the other times too.
sometimes i feel too much.
sometimes i cook yummy meals.
and other times i burn them.
usually i eat cheese at every meal.
sometimes I'm a total penny pincher.
sometimes I'm obsessed with disney movies.
sometimes, nothing feels better than a good long run.
sometimes i wish i had a baby this very second. edit: (can check that off the list now)
sometimes i drive like a grandma. {no offense grandma}
usually i have add
and sometimes i love love hiking and being outside.

sometimes he plays me songs on the uke. 
sometimes he talks about his mission to the czech republic a lot. 
sometimes he likes to play sports- pretty much ALL of them, and more than sometimes. 
sometimes he runs 8 miles in his army uniform. 
usually he is the life of the party. 
sometimes he does a hilariously ugly dance move.
sometimes he drives a little like a crazy man.
sometimes his hair is long and nappy, sometimes it is short and buzzed. 
sometimes all he wants to do is eat ice cream. 
usually he is obsessed with the color orange
sometimes  he makes me laugh so hard i can't breathe.
sometimes he makes a short story long.
usually he has abnormal amounts of energy
sometimes he spurts out completely random facts about everything.
sometimes he wears his hats crooked.
always his smile melts my heart.

are parents to our sweet girls: Jane and Lyla
sometimes have ugly dance parties
love watching white collar together 
love eating good (and healthy) food. especially together.
are young, maybe naive. but sometimes thats ok.
hug each other many times a day
sometimes have arguments over stupid things 
are mega cuddlers
love to go on road trips and travel
sing together
both have crazy hair
still have i love you more fights


  1. You two are so cute! Love love love your blog!

  2. LOVE this! So creative and so sweet. Just stopping by from Mingle Monday!


  3. You guys are SOOO adorable!! So excited for your cute baby!! :)

  4. Stumbled across your blog through another - love this "sometimes" introduction! I was equally as impatient for a baby! - Congratulations on your little girl! Love your blog

    - Allison



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