Sunday, February 19, 2012

czech? check.

you know what rocks? 
missionary pictures. 
like this one, for instance.

you know what makes missionary pictures even better?
when the missionary is a stud, 
and he is already home from his mission.
so you don't have to admire from afar for two years.
it can be like, in person.
this is a new thing for me.
and i think i like it :)
{note: this was taken in the czech republic
this info may help you to better appreciate my punny humor on the title of this blog}

another thing that friend coming down from idaho.
hangin' out with her like it's 2009.

you know what double rocks?
both of the aforementioned people.
in one night.

oh yeah everybody is jealous.


  1. Fun to have your friend back from his mission and another friend visiting from Idaho. Last picture kinda scary. Grandma

  2. I'm happy for you Kerri :) embrace the awkwardness!!!!



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