Thursday, February 23, 2012

thinking of you.

hey amy bluder. 
remember me? 
well i am just thinking about you today.
i love you, and miss you.
i would text you and tell you that.
but i want you to know i really mean it.
 really good.
they made me happy.
who knows, maybe they will make you happy too.
you are such a champ. an inspiration to us all.
you deserve somebody so amazing 
that i can't even think of the words i'd use to describe him.
never forget it.
never settle.
never think you aren't good enough for someone.
because there is an extremely good chance that it's the other way around.

also, this day i will never forget. 
I'm sure you won't either.

you are loved, my friend.

i know you like my music usually, so listen to my songs of the week here :)

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