Sunday, February 26, 2012

more alike than different

i had a great lesson in church today given by one of my good friends. 
she talked about how we should love people, despite their deficiencies.
she is so right.
and i wish more people could internalize that concept.
we should love people for who they are, 
not judge them for who they are not.
we should admire the good characteristics of people.
instead of pointing out their weaknesses.
focus on their strengths.
it's important to remember that every person has something beautiful and unique to offer.
we should remind each other of that more often.
and love each other.
and remember, we are all people.
we may feel like we are so much different than 'weird' person next to use.
some things we may say to ourselves:
"that person likes screamo, and wears all black- we have nothing in common"
 "that person lives in a different country and speaks a different language"
"that person doesn't have the same religious/political beliefs as me- how can we even relate?"
or "that person has a mental or physical disability- we cannot communicate on the same level"

but we are all people.
we all want to be loved.
we all have dreams, ambitions, trials, and triumphs.
we really are more alike than different.


  1. Someone in my ward gave a talk along the same lines. It was about learning to tolerate people even if you don't agree with what they are doing or saying. :)



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