Monday, March 5, 2012


moments are the molecules that make up eternity.
i am so grateful for my moments.
they are mostly pretty great.
here are a few of the moments that have been making up my eternity lately.

awkward driving moments.
+ running out of windshield wiper fluid while driving through a snowy canyon- so ideal.
+getting a flat tire in the middle of a frozen tundra at 2 in the morning 
+having to drive 20 mph under the speed limit- another consequence of the flat tire incident.
+thats not all. getting pulled over. cop thought jeff was drunk:
     what the cop said: "you were going extra slow, and your eyes look mighty glazed over"
     what jeff said "sorry sir, i just got a flat tire and OH YEAH its 3:30 in the morning" 
   - what the cop seemingly does not understand is that eyes tend to glaze at that time of night (after driving for 10 hours) all on their own. imagine that.
the moments that made it all worth it.
+getting home at 5 in the morning, sleeping for an hour, then waking up and surprising my family with breakfast. priceless. 
+this picture:
+ this boy who made us laugh until our abs were ripped.
{one of the possible explanations for jeff's six pack. yeah. be jealous}
for example:
"ooh look at this cool rock"- william
"dude that is a buffalo chip" - jeff
"im gonna draw a picture with this rock on the sidewalk" - william
"dude, thats poop!" - jeff
"ahhhh!!" *drops what he now realizes is animal feces*
+ colorado sunset

+wearing matching hoodies with brendon. and making matching faces. 
and workin' it like no one's business.

+my cousins all sitting and ready for family scripture study. so presh. {john was having a demon moment. its fine. leave him alone.}

+learning a hymn in another language. yeah yeah yeah. no big deal. (czech)
listen to us singing it here if you feel so inclined.

+ watching aforementioned sunset with THE best boyfriend everrrrrr.
yeah i said boyfriend. get over it.
and yeah i know what you are thinking- this is me we are talking about.
but yes, he IS a real boy. AND he is amazing. and he likes ME
I'm still getting used to it too, don't worry.

ok. raise your hand if you are jealous of my moments.

*ehem* should all raise your hands.

I really think that we all have beautiful moments
that we sometimes let pass us by.
we don't realize how special and precious our moments are
until we are looking back, with fondness and nostalgia.
i've done that lots of times, sadly.
but i've discovered that
life is so much happier when you try to recognize and appreciate the beauty of your moments
while they are happening.
and thats what I'm doing right this moment.

you should too.


  1. when did this boy happen?!?! and why am i JUST finding out about it?! It sounds like you have had a good life lately!

  2. Kerri, don't ya think you better bring him to Brigham city to see if we approve? We will be expecting a visit real soon!

  3. ya me too dito what cheree said, you can't have a boyfriend, you didn't even tell me about it let alone come let me approve! haha! He looks like a great guy! Can't wait to meet him, glad your momma got to meet him and that you didn't crash on the way there or hold poop like william haha! Love reading your stuff, I always bust up laughing out loud! Love ya kerri, see ya in April :)

  4. Dude, he can sing too!! Wow... Don't want to say the p word yet, but.... perfect did cross my mind. I need more details!



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