Sunday, February 12, 2012

with love

shower the people you love with love :)

sometime we take love for granted.
the people who we know love us the most, we serve the least.
our family, friends, leaders, etc.
that should change.
think about all the people who love you.
and do something nice for them today.
shower them with love.
remember that
love and service are the most powerful pair.
we should use them together more often.
they only bring about the best feelings life has to offer.

and this i say
in honor of valentines day. i guess.
even though it's the worst holiday ever.
{well besides st. patricks day-
umm excuse me please i don't know you, you have no business pinching me}
if any of you are bitter on this day, some of us women tend to be-
then focus on all the other people who love you.
it doesn't have to be a significant other.
don't let the lack thereof keep you from
realizing that we are all surrounded by love.
and then giving it back in return.

shower the people you love with love. 

and in the words of sara bareilles:
you're only gonna get what you give away, so give love.


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