Sunday, February 5, 2012

20 years

20 years...
of living.
of loving.
of being loved.
of laughing.
of crying.
of learning.
of growing.
of singing.
of smiling.
of praying.

I'm finally 20....

i've learned to walk, talk, read, and sing.
i've gone through the dreaded awkward stage.
i've had crushes, i've had my first kiss.
i've had my heart broken.
i've gained a firm testimony of Christ and His gospel.
i've played with kids and took care of them for thousands of hours and loved {almost} every second of it.
i've achieved goals
i've been to cool places.
i've learned how to face adversity.
i got accepted into byu, my dream school.
i've come to realize that family is THE most important thing on earth.
i've learned that serving others makes me happier than anything.

and I've learned...that i've got A LOT more to learn.

im excited to see what happens in the next 20 years :)

also, i really really wish i could be with my family today, my immediate and extended.
missing them pretty good right now.
but my roommates/friends made this day awesome! :)
love you all.
birthday eve dinner with best friends :)

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