Sunday, June 5, 2011


I LOVE and/or MISS some people. And I will tell you who those people are. But not just straight up.
I will attempt to do this in a poetic, creative, clever, and artistic- not artistic in a crazy bite off my own ear kind of way, just the regular- way.
I will use code names that are somewhat relevant to each person. Some people will get it.
Others will not be as fortunate.
Wouldn't it be funny if you were one of the people and couldn't figure out your own code name. Ha. ha. ha. I'm laughing at you.
Comment on this post if you can figure some or all out and ill give youa secret prize. So secret, that I will not reveal to you at this time. Some are easier than others, I will admit to that. Also there is one more thing that may make things easier for you. There will be clues. Each code name will be a link to a song/video that reminds me of that person. That may or may not make it easier :)
 Ready. Set. Go.

There is definitely more but that's all for now. :) I wish I was better at staying in touch with people. I really am not. Just know I love you and miss you if you are far away from me.

So anyways, my life has been hectic lately. Full of working, great heights, and red eyes.
I worked 53 hours this week. And that's even after I got sent home from work early twice.
And got a babysitting cancellation.
Thank goodness though for sundays. And the gospel. And reading General Conference Talks. 
This week won't be much different work wise. Wahoo.
If only money wasn't worth it. 
That sounded prideful and materialistic. 
I should be saying:
If only going to my dream school, and my dream vacation next summer wasn't worth it.
Alas, it is. Which is why I miraculously have endured and will continue to endure this rigorousness.
Actually, I will ENJOY it.
After all, Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. - Gordon B. Hinckley
I have great co-workers up on Pikes Peak.
And awesome people to meet from ALL over the world.
And sweet little children to babysit in all the other free pockets of time.
I will elaborate on these things later.
Life is lacking sleep, social life, free time, and a balanced diet. But I am happy :)

Song of the Day: The Gambler by Fun


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  1. I am your African Partner!! (unless it's Claire..haha) YAY! Less than a year!!



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