Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Incline Adventures.

So I decided on something today. My newest addiction is the Incline. Ever heard of it?
Stairs. just a lot of stairs. But not your ordinary stairs. 
The kind that never end and consequently make you want to kill yourself. 

Today was my third time climbing that beast. (and that picture isn't even from the very top)
It was like a 6 on the misery scale, whereas the first time was a 9.7
Due to the drastic drop in misery, I decided I want to do it all the time.
Like a pro.
Like the 99 year old men who run past me everytime I climb up.
Sweet. That doesn't make me feel repulsively full of lard or anything...
I just thought I'd share this new goal with the blog world so you guys can inflict alien water torture on me {or any other absurd punishment of your choice} if I do not actually follow through.

Anyways, last time I went with Hannah, Codi, and Jared. 

I graciously decided to let Hannah take one for the team by putting up one with her eyes closed. Sorry Hannah. If it counts for anything, her eyes are open in the second one! :) This time was a rough one because Hannah was just a machine and we were all slow pokes. She would just be cruising then look back and realize we are 27 steps behind her so she would then pretend to act tired and wait for us. We were definitely holding her back. But, in the end we Jimmered that Mountain. I still wouldn't say it was a heap of fun. Codi's words were spot on when I asked him how he felt in THIS VIDEO --you will see what I mean. We all share our thoughts. It's also extra awesome and awkward when I ramble in a non-human fashion and you can't even tell what I'm saying. We then ran down the mountain doing PARKOUR. See for yourself. The camera is shaky because I'm concentrating on my hardcore parkour. Obviously. Anyways, that's that story.

Today I went with my good pal Zach. 
And what better way to start the day than with a NEWLY dead squirrel.
This squirrel had died very recently. I could tell because the guts and blood were not yet dried. 
Didn't I create a great image in your head just now?
Well, in case I didn't, here is THE image I was striving to convey:

There is the squirrel. All squirrelly and dead. 
It was quite frightening for me. I thought it may have been playing dead and then was planning to jump up and attack me with rabid foam gushing from its mouth. So I asked Zach to make sure it was dead.
So he did. 

Foiled that plan, Mr. Squirrel. Nice try.
We were then able to safely proceed up the mountain. 
{which is, by the way, only a foothill of the mountain I work on- Pikes Peak}
It was cool because we climbed without stopping every five steps.
I mean, We stopped for a little bit to take pictures, of course.
But after that, we continued to truck on up those bloody stairs.

Here is the beginning of the incline that tricks you into thinking it is going to be a piece of cake.
Do not be fooled, my friends. The stairs get A LOT bigger and A LOT steeper. It is just always a dream come true.

The Beauty of the mountains is my favorite part {although i will admit it is hard to concentrate on the beauty of nature sometimes when you are too busy thinking about the hideousness of the stairs right in front of you}

...and those are the considerably condensed stories of my Incline adventures thus far.
There will hopefully be many more to go because I plan on becoming BFFs with this lovely set of stairs. 
And I'm making my future kids do it with me someday. They will be pros by the time they are 2.


Song of the Day: Not Over You by Gavin DeGraw

Oh and PS. I'd like to ramble a bit about irrelevant topics just for the sake of rambling. I worked 64 hours last week. So it's weird that I am even functioning now. This week will be more chill. I'm only working- like 48. For a normal person, that's not chill, but it is for me- unfortunately. Also, I'd like to complain about how I have received 2 missionary letters in the past month...and I've sent like 6. Awesome. At least those two were fantastic. One of them was my first letter from a Sister missionary. Kaitlin...yeah she is awesome and we have the most weird and slightly awkward connection EVER. She dated the missionary companion of a guy I dated....and they are off in a far away country...and we met in geology class and discovered this unique connection. And now she is writing me awesome letters.What are the odds? So random. Anyways. Uhhhm that's all the rambling I have for right now- but if you know me at all, you know you can count on more later. For sure.

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