Wednesday, November 30, 2011

you are all suspects.

this world can be brutal. 
but lots of times it can be good too.
sometimes something happens that revives my hope.
something that makes me realize that the heart of life is good.
yesterday i came home from a long day of classes and studying.
there was a bag of sour gummy worms on my pillow.
{by far my favorite candy in the world}
they were yummy.
it was not from any of my roommates.
none of them knew who put it there and were as confused as i was.
i still don't know who did it. but i suspect everyone.
now everyone i see is a potential secret good deed doer.
it does something for my morale, ya know?
i guess what i want to say is thank you. whoever you are.
if you are even reading this.
that was kind.
we should all be more kind. 
and like people who do nice things in secret.
there is something exceptionally noble about leaving tracks that cannot be retraced back to you.
it makes life better, more beautiful.
sometimes it takes awhile to recognize the beauty in everything. every person.
but we should always remember this:

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