Thursday, January 12, 2012

oh nothing. just happiness.

because this girl 

both got their mission calls! 
tennessee and michigan will be sitting pretty for the next year and a half.
those lucky people.


then i went to work and these two guys i work with are rm.'s
i asked them to tell me missionary stories
{due to my missionary high of course}
and they did tell me stories-
 that made me feel happy and like this world is so good.
because that is what the gospel does to me.
missionary stories like the ones i heard are like little purple pansies in a field of weeds.
or small splashes of color on a gray canvas.
they remind me that
amazing, beautiful things can happen in the most unexpected places.
thanks jeff and eric.
im excited to hear courtney and kristen's stories like those.
and to hopefully have some of my own someday.

today was a missionary day, and it was nothing but happiness.

**songs of the week here**


  1. LOVE!!!!! This just makes me so so so happy! I'm so glad I got to see you last night! I'll come play soon!

  2. missionary days are the best! and so is the gospel, and i feel the same way!!! cute blog!



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