Monday, March 12, 2012 me maybe

ok so i think i had a bit of an obsession this past week.
yeah- id say its a definite possibility.
call me maybe
i had it stuck in my head for like three days straight
because i was listening to it constantly.
consequently, i got it stuck in the heads
of many, many other people.
you are welcome.
so, my favorite people and i,
we decided to do an ode to this joyous song.
{even though it goes against every musical instinct in my body to appreciate such a generic, poppy song with meaningless lyrics and no originality whatsoever- i just couldn't help myself.}

please enjoy this lovely little number.

oh yeah, and call me maybe? :)

let me just leave you with this incredibly flattering picture
of monkeys. trying to look like humans.
or is it the other way around?
i really have no idea.
thank you jill, claire, and jeff- for leaving me this little treasure on my computer
you are all so attractive.
it is unreal. sheesh.


  1. I am definitely grateful that you showed me that song it has brought much joy to my life these past few weeks :) haha love you kerri!



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