Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why I love Kerri...

         Hello everyone! I know you are all thinking that this is Kerri, but it isn't- its Jeff! Kerri wanted me to post something on here, and so here I am :)  Quite soon we will have all in common, so why not this blog too, right? 
        I really have thought a lot about what I could say here that wouldn't lower the quality of the entire blog seeing as Kerri is a great writer and does a fantastic job at describing the way she feels or the experiences she has. Me, not so much. I did find some things, however, that I think might be good for the general public to know, hence the title "Why I love Kerri".  When Kerri and I were first engaged I decided to start keeping small little notes on my iPod. 'There's an app for that'. And so conveniently when Kerri was not around I could type down little thoughts and comments I would have about Kerri herself or about our relationship in general. There are not very many of them (I mean the recorded notes, ha, not the reasons I love her, there are millions of those) but I'll type here all the ones I do have and mention some more that I don't have already recorded.  Kerri is a very humble person so rarely will anyone who frequently reads this blog know about her many strengths and positive characteristics because she will never just straight up tell ya. I would like to help you all out and tell you how amazing she really is. I'm not sure if there are words that can correctly and fully describe the feelings I have for this great woman.  I sure wish there were though, because I think that it is incredibly important for others besides myself (especially Kerri) to know that I DO love her. I am very much looking forward to being able to be with her for time and all eternity. Here we go:

Why I love Kerri
- I love some of the unique looks she gives to me; they are ones that just get burned into my memory and I'll always be able to conjure them and remember the situation that caused it. Here's an example: When Kerri is busy doing something (usually typing, possibly even on this here blog, or writing something, or even reading) and I say something like "Hey Kerri, I love you" sometimes she doesn't quite register what I have said and she'll continue to type for a few seconds and then it hits her and she turns her head to looks up at me and smiles. The look right then for just a split second, even before she says "I love you too" is just awesome. I will never forget it. She has this cute little dimple only on the right side of her face (she's gonna kill me for writing this up here cuz she doesn't think its quite so cute...) and it is easy to see each time she smiles :) 

- I love the way she laughs at so many of my dumb jokes. She really almost makes me convinced that I am a funny person! No one laughs at my jokes like Kerri does, and for some reason that just makes me so happy. I think that might be one of the reasons I like spending time with her, because although I may act like an idiot, she does a great job at helping me not feel like one or realize that I actually am one :) 

- I mentioned how Kerri is very good at making me feel good, in really any situation. I'm not the only person she helps out with this. In fact, the first few times I remember interacting with Kerri was at work in the BYU athletic facilities. We daily have to kick people out of the gyms and courts for not wearing the required wristband and this can be an awkward and difficult social situation. As an avid athlete, I know how incredibly frustrating and annoying it would be if someone just came up to me and told me I had to leave the gym, even if it was just to go down the hall, scan my ID card, and wear one of those wristbands (which by the way almost EVERYONE puts on incorrectly so that the sticky part rips out your arm hairs the whole game! Do ya'll know what I'm talking about? So inconsiderate...). Kerri, in situations like this has this little charm that she casts on the whole gym as she walks in and enters the crowd of giant, angry, sweaty, competitive, basketball players who are almost instantly bothered by the fact that they must stop their game and many, if not all of them, have to run down the hall and check in before they can continue. She has this way of talking to them in such a sweet and loving tone that just soothes the whole situation. I remember seeing that on multiple occasions in the gyms, outside the gyms, at school, and anywhere else.  Kerri is a master at helping people feel comfortable in nearly any situation. Thanks for that, Sweetheart :)

- I love Kerri's dedication to Gospel principles,, the commandments, and even honor code rules. Never once did we break curfew there at BYU, and let me tell you, it wasn't because I didn't want to :) it was because she wouldn't let us. She knew how important it was to do the small things, even if it meant stopping a movie 10 minutes before the end or "the good part". If it was 12:00 then I was out of her apartment, no complaining, no exceptions. Kerri has the ability to recognize the blessings that come from that, and the ability to influence others to recognize those same blessings so that they follow her good example. 

- Along with Kerri's dedication to keeping the rules, she is very sure to accomplish her life goal of reading in the scriptures each day. She especially reads the latest conference talks often and focuses much of her study in the Book of Mormon. When I found this out, and then witnessed it in person my love for her grew a lot. This has always been an important thing to me as well. On December 24th, 2001 I made a promise to a good friend on the way to a ski resort that I would read in the scriptures every day for the rest of my life. As well as my memory serves me I have kept that promise and intend to do so for the remainder of mortality. How grateful I am that she is united in this goal with me! Just before we were engaged but after it was quite clear to both of us that we were going to be married we started reading a chapter a day in the Book of Mormon together. I have a testimony of the fact that if two people read the holy scriptures together their relationship will grow. I saw it dozens of times as a missionary and have continued to feel it in my relationship with Kerri. I love Kerri because she reads and will continue to read the scriptures with me :)

- I love Kerri because she is always sure to dress modestly. She, more than most women her age or even in general, understands very well the consequences to both men and women when one dresses immodestly. She knows what clothes will cover her up and which ones won't and she simply has made the decision that she will not wear those that won't help her in her decision. 
- Closely related to her dressing modestly is her dressing well. One thing I REALLY love about Kerri is that she is not constantly worried and obsessed about how she looks and what others are thinking or saying. Kerri knows she is drop dead gorgeous, and so she is confident in the fact that she really will look pretty no matter what she is wearing (ya, even if it is sweatpants two days in a row, Kerri! :) )  She isn't obsessed with having the latest fashion, but also is lady-like and enjoys looking nice and dressing up. I love that about her. This is a total side note, but for some reason, Kerri always looks even more beautiful on Sunday. I don't know if its the whole dress thing or what, but its true.)

- I love that Kerri encourages me to write in my journal every day. She knows the importance of it, and is sure to remind me especially on nights when she knows I am extra tired and might forget or just “forget” and push it off until the next day. One cool idea that we decided on together for the whole time we are apart is that we will write in our journals but to each other, almost in letter form. Its been really cool and I have enjoyed the opportunity to not only reflect on the things that I have done in the day but the ways in which my love for Kerri has grown. It is neat and I recommend it to all other couples who like us are “anxiously engaged”.

- I love the little notes that Kerri leaves for me in my scriptures, or in my space at work. She loves putting nice little hearts on them so they’re slightly embarrassing if any of my buddies get a hold of them, but secretly I love them and think they’re really sweet.  She even went to great lengths before I left to come out here to Washington D.C. to write notes to me and put them in envelopes with specific days when I am supposed to open them. I have loved opening those notes us and being reminded in the mornings before I go out for a long day’s work how much she loves me J

- Another thing that I love about Kerri is her willingness to accept constructive criticism, and actually apply it in her life. When she knows the person is advising or correcting her with love then she is very accepting of whatever point is being made or character trait is being asked to change. She is so loving and willing to improve herself for others even though it is tough. That is truly a Christ-like characteristic; being willing to identify personal weaknesses and correct them to be perfect and to perfect the lives of others around her.

- One more thing that I really love about my sweetheart is how quick she is to thank those that serve her. It almost makes whoever does the serving feel like they need to serve her again because her gratitude is so sincere! It is really hard not to love Kerri when she says in all seriousness, “Thank you.”

Alrighty now, I have long overdone my time on this blog I think. I’ll feel really bad if I turned anyone away from following this blog or reading it because of this incredibly long entry. I also hope my intentions were fulfilled in helping you all know a little bit more about Kerri, and why I love her- to death. In fact, I won’t just love her to death, but I’ll even love her after death, for time and all eternity. (How’s that for a nice, cute, and cheesy line? J ) All clichés aside, I really do love Kerri Rogers, and I am so glad that she loves me too. I’m not sure if I even fully understand how this has come to be or how I got lucky enough to be with woman like her. Aren’t you as happy as I am to be associated with such a talented and amazing person? Let’s all keep praying that she will be safe for the last 4 weeks of her Africa experience! She sure is helping hundreds of people out there, and I personally think that is quite cool.

I love you, Kerri. Be safe out there and know that we’re all supporting you in everything that you do, but we sure can’t wait to see you when you come home!

P.S. Thought I'd add a picture here, since that seems to be the cool thing to do on blogs... This is sort of where it all began :)


  1. you are so sweet, jeff, and im glad that you and kerri love each other!

    (this is lyndi, you're soon to be cousin, by the way)

  2. I love this post! How cute! Totally motivating. Good work, Jeff :)

  3. You picked a keeper, Sister Rogers.



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