Sunday, July 1, 2012

ridiculous things

- i have a straight up bald spot on my head. appeared over night. for no apparent reason. definitely ridiculous. maybe i can start a new wedding trend- the partially bald bride look. real cute.
oh and i just have to get shots IN MY SKULL to grow my hair back. not a big deal at all

- my city burning down. as ridiculous as this is, it could also fit into the tragic, depressing, and second coming foreshadowing category.

- me. as in, I'm a ridiculous thing. the other day i happily sat at home in my pajamas, fully cut off from the social and productive aspects of this world. sitting contently in my own laziness and stink. its fine.

- oh being away from my fiancĂ© for NINE weeks. and realizing i have 6 to go.  WOW. ridiculous of the year award.

- not being in africa anymore. or with any of the people i spent every waking second with there. yep, i miss them all.

- the fact that harry potter series is over. nope, still not over it. i was hoping it was some kind of dirty joke.

- how gross mangoes, bananas, and pineapples are in the united states. uganda spoiled me.

- my fiancee knocking doors in blazing 104 degrees and 78% humidity. all day long. what a STUD. in kinda a ridiculous way

- skype never works. i've been thinking of a description for this blessed little thing and i came up with this:"an internet service that works its hardest to get your hopes as high as they can go, only to crush them in a moments notice via a frozen picture  of your fiancĂ© that never really gets unfrozen. good luck to you in life, long distancers"

- i don't think i've done anything with any friends since I've been back home. yeah guys I'm like super popular. but in my defense, i've been super busy with wedding stuff which is quite enjoyable

- i'm trying to eat super healthy but every time i turn a corner there seems to be a pack of oreos just staring me down. telling me that one oreo won't affect the way i look in my wedding dress.
....sometimes i warp my mind into agreement.

- the fact that i've been slacking on the blog because i can't think of anything to write about besides....
"well, hey bloggers. today i love jeff. and i love him a lot. and thats about all thats goin' on up here in my brain. well, hope you were entertained by my words today thank you"

thank goodness ridiculous things happen to me, 
{even when I'm madly in love}
 so that i have something to blog about.

i'm sure you are all throughly enlightened...

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