Tuesday, September 4, 2012

sleeping in

our first week of school was a bit hectic.
jeffrey decided to do ranger challenge for the army.
basically that means he has to leave me every morning
at a time when the birds aren't even singing yet
and work his little bum off.
with that, classes, and work
we are on campus and apart for a vast majority of the day

well on tuesday night jeff was preparing for an important
rotc meeting the following morning.
he spent a lot of time on it, since he was the appointed leader for said meeting.
well he finished, and 9 hours later he woke up.
however, the 9 hours should've been 7 hours
and he missed the meeting.
{not sure if meeting is the right word, but the point is- he missed it}
the alarm was on silent.
he was devastated.
i was devastated for him.
he groaned.
i... listened to him groan.
but then he made his apologies
and it went over better than he expected.
we cuddled a little bit and he was able to 
kind of come to terms with it 
then we got up and i made us breakfast.
we sat down and ate it together, in no rush at all.
we spent some time talking, and smiling at each other.
i made him a lunch like i usually do
 and he told me i was the best wife ever.
{flattering, seeing as I'm obviously the only one he has had}
and kissed me right on the lips!

when it was finally time to leave for class i realized
that there was no other way i would've rather spent my morning.
and at that moment i was grateful for accidental sleep-ins.
i think he was too. 
sometimes situations that don't seem ideal at the time
turn out to be some of the best 

i love my husband :)

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