Thursday, March 6, 2014

j & k conversations (part 4)

"I feel like I'm on drugs"
....where do you think the word 'grain' comes from?
....I don't like fast sundays." - j


"jeff what should i eat?"- k
"Uhm, i don't know. But...OOH! can you bring me my chips?"- j


"What would I do without you jeffrey?!" - k
"Cry all the time?....heck I'm here now and you still cry all the time."- j


*after eating a bowl of western family frosted flakes (gross)
...It should be called WORSTern family!" - j


*i had tried to sell our little black banana chair online but when i told them this he insisted that it was his most prized possession. (even though he hasn't sat in it since we've been married....haha) He was not very happy with me so he came home from work, got the banana chair, and left. He then sent me this picture with the caption: "Boom, sitting in it."

Later that night jeff was getting his stuff ready for his early morning workout...
"AH! Where are all my panties?!" - J
" sold them didn't you!!"- J
(i don't think anyone would want to buy his sweat infused boxers (not panties) that he has had for years; but i didn't tell him that. oh, and yes. he really said panties)


*comes to the couch to watch a movie with a whole pitcher full of water
"why do you have a whole pitcher of water?" - k
"I'm thirsty and i don't want to risk having to walk back over to the sink during the movie." - j

hahaha. he is the laziest hard worker i've ever met. one minute he can be the hardest worker i know and then the next....
but at least he knows when to be a hard worker.

oh and that same night, i sent him to the store to get jane some medicine and he came back with 2 boxes of oatmeal creme pies, 1 box of nutter bars, and a bag of beef jerky....typical. he knows i never buy those things so when he is left to his own devices he goes crazy. haha. love that cute boy. (and it's a really good thing he has the world's speediest metabolism ;)


  1. "he is the laziest hard worker i've ever met."
    hahahahaha this comment never rang so true to my soul! spot on for chase!
    it's so wonderful they know how to work so we can be stay at home mom's though!

  2. Gosh you know how much I love your conversations!!!! Keep it uuuup! :) you are both hilarious. I try to remember and write down funny things Joel says... but it isn't the same. I don't think he is as funny as you guys I guess ;)

    1. haha im glad you get our humor ;) sometimes i think it is only funny to us! haha

  3. I feel like my hubby falls into the exact same category "laziest hard worker". Good call on that one!

  4. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard at these Kerri! You guys crack me up. And yes I agree about the lazy hard worker thing. I think that's most men, honestly. And Kenny does the same thing when I send him to the store! :) He'll say, "I got you something..." as if the reason he got treats is because he was thinking of me, not because he wanted them and didn't want me to say anything about it except thank you! :) I can't wait to hang out with you guys!! And hold that sweet little Jane! Only one more week.

    1. haha jeff does the EXACT same things "i got these for you, you should be happy!" hahah love it. i am SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!!



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