Tuesday, December 2, 2014

it's like...blank space.

i've got a blank space. and no i am not referring to taylor swift's new song. rather, to how my brain feels whenever i think about blogging. i feel like every year around this time i get into a blogging funk. and by the way, there will be no capital letters in this post. sometimes i do that cuz i'm lazy and i always think about what an english major would do if they read this....oops. moving on, lower-cased.

it's weird because this is such an exciting time of the year...THE most exciting actually! you'd think i'd have plenty of things to blog about. i guess i just have nothing new to add to the blogosphere because just like all of you, i stuffed my face with turkey this past week. except for i read an article right before thanksgiving that the average american eats 4,400 calories on thanksgiving and that in order to work all that food off, you would have to run a half marathon and do about a million other workouts for like 3 hours.

so i ate small portions, like i only ate one tiny sliver of pecan pie and didn't eat as many mashed potatoes as i would've liked. because...i did NOT want to work out for 3 hours.

you know what bugs me though? jane didn't eat ANYTHING on thanksgiving day. i really think she only ate like 2 crackers all day. and it's not because i didn't offer her everything under the sun, because i did. she is a picky little bum and it kills me. i was always picky growing up and so i've put in an enormous effort to introduce her to all foods, especially healthy foods, so she doesn't have to suffer from picky-eater syndrome. alas, to no avail. now she will be subject to mild panic attacks prior to any type of dinner party for the rest of her life. (i know from experience, but i've gotten a lot better)

i turned into a sad grouch the night before we were to leave my grandma's house for thanksgiving. i always have post-vacation depression. it never lasts long, but it is so real. i'm working on being able to put my big girl panties on a little more effortlessly.

one more thing i think i should add to this SO random post...."I DON'T KNOW!" I don't know is the answer you will get from me when  you ask me what jeff and I will be doing for the next year. I don't know, because the army doesn't tell you anything until like the day before...so JUST PLEASE don't ask because everytime someone asks it gives me a little more anxiety over the fact that I have no idea what the next year of my life consists of.

Ok anyways, let's end this on a happy, less-rant-y note, shall we? jane is just the cutest. my favorite things she does lately is swing her arms when she walks like she feels like she is such a big girl. i wish you could all see it because it sounds lame when i write it out but it is stinking cute. she also nods her head when i ask her questions. the most deliberate, dramatic nod. i die everytime. also, she experienced snow for the first time the other day, and it is well documented:

well, until next time when i have another "blank space" that results in a 10 paragraph pointless blog post. (insert thumbs up emoticon)


  1. Jane is an adorable snow bunny! And if it makes you feel any better, I don't know where we'll be next yr either. haha I try not to think about it. Wait you still don't know if you're coming to TX for Christmas or not do you! Ok yeah the army is way worse. �� Really hope you guys can come.

  2. Oh my goodness Jane is the cutest!! Also, I chuckled at the whole english major thing felt like you were talking to me so I'd like to give you a shout out and say "Girl, you never have to use capitalization. You do what your heart desires!" Also if it makes you feel better I studied the english language for 4 years of my life and I still misspell things on twitter like all the time and it's super embarrassing. Miss you!

  3. She is seriously so cute and looks confused about the snow!!! You should try to get her on camera and post it to the blog :)



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