Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cheerios and Cellos

For a blogger (if I can even call myself that at this point), I sure do stink at taking pictures. Like, I don't even own a nice camera and it's still hard for me to get my phone out and snap a picture. However, for some reason, this last sunday I rocked at taking pictures. Also Jeff has been strongly encouraging me to take pictures every waking moment because he doesn't want to miss anything in Jane's life. It's pretty sweet. :)

I just had to mention Jane and her new favorite toy- her high chair. She drags it around, climbs in, climbs back out, puts the tray back on, admires her work, and repeats the process multiple times. I think it's hilarious, and it's one of the few things she does independently and happily.

I was taking a bump picture with Jane in the picture too, to send to jeff. And when I was looking back I realized one of my new favorite pictures. Just look at how she is totally checking herself out! She must've really liked what she saw because...that mirror got a good big smooch. I know, I know- another baby bump pic. UGH. I know a lot of people who really think it's annoying when people post bump pictures but I really love this little bump, and the human growing inside. And also can I just say that my tummy is growing WAYYY faster this pregnancy?

Anyways, after church there was some time to kill before dinner so we did a little cheerio craft. She was supposed to stack multiple cheerios on those little things (those fuzzy wirey things...literally sat here trying to think of what they were called for 5 minutes and I got nothin! Let me know if you have a properly functioning brain and can tell me what they are called.) ...but instead she used them as utensils to eat one cheerio at a time. Oh and I think you can definitely tell that these pictures were taken post-nap, and post-somersault extravaganza. Somersaults and naps are quite unforgiving to little toddler hair :)

We ended the day by re-discovering jane's greatest fear as my cousin Kaden began to play his cello.
The second she hears the noise of that cello, her eyes grow wide and she terrifyingly runs into my arms and buries her head in my chest. She has a true, genuine fear for that cello. And for the rest of the night she wouldn't let me put her down because she was afraid the cello was going to walk itself over to her and attack her with its monstrous noise. Seriously, it was actually a very traumatic, tear-filled night for her. I know what instrument I won't be signing her up for.


  1. Aren't they called pipe cleaners? Hahahha. Love it. Your bump pictures are ADORABLE!

  2. T stole exactly what I was going to say
    1. pipecleaners
    2. i love that bump and all the pics. keep snapping away.
    3. jane is a hoot in that mirror pic. get it girl!

  3. Heeeey girl. Your bump pics ARE ADORABLE. I figured when I posted them people didn't have to look if they didn't wanna see an adorable bump! So don't worry bout it ;)

  4. Such a cute little bump! And Jane's smile looking in that mirror is killin me. 😊 She's REALLY happy w what she sees haha!



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