Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Little Things

There are so many little things that happen everyday that I never want to forget. Of course, I don't write down everything because then I would always be writing. People always ask me, being a stay at home mom, "what do you do all day?" Well, I think those of you who are stay at home moms already have a pretty good idea. But really my days are just packed full of little moments like these. I personally wouldn't trade that for any fancy job.
^^ newest favorite activity, throwing rocks. And following through! Ha

- This morning I said "Jane, I love you!" and she replied by saying "Soooo much!"

- Yesterday we were outside enjoying every last drop of sunshine that this kind and generous february has to offer, and we were playing basketball. Mostly I would shoot and jane would get my rebounds and "shoot it" herself. I don't think she ever managed to lunge that ball higher than about 3 inches, but she was pretty proud of herself, and I personally have never had such a cute rebounder :)

- Everytime I change her diaper she manages to swipe a wipe from the container and then will proceed to walk around using it as a tissue and "blowing her nose', quite profusely. Blowing her nose, read: sniffing heavily.

- Her favorite snack is crushed ice. If I had a dollar for overtime she asked "IEEEEE?" everyday, then I'd be rich enough to buy her her very own ice machine.

- She is terrified of cellos, guitars, big dogs, and mascots. Turns out Texas Roadhouse has an armadillo mascot now. So random. That thing is big and she was frightened the moment she saw it. But then the armadillo came over and violated her with a friendly wave. All heck broke loose, and every time she got a glance of him afterwards, all heck broke loose again. I've never seen such fear!

- She has the craziest sugar tooth. She asks for candy multiple times a day. And she is often persistent. I'll be holding her and she will say "dandy? dandy? dandy?" and if I don't respond immediately she will tilt her head so that her face is right in front of my eyes and say loud and clear "DANDY?!" It cracks me up, and I usually say no (it makes her act super crabby). But sometimes I look at her and say "Sure Janie, sometimes a little girl just needs some candy!" When I give it to her, she shivers with unadulterated joy and does this deep, mischievous laugh.
The face she makes is similar to her "Sun in the Eyes" look, seen here.

- Jane knows 5 letters! (A, B, M, O, and J) She really loves learning letters, and whenever she sees one she recognizes, she gets so excited to point it out. She could also sit on my lap and watch me draw letters for a long time; sometimes the same one over and over and over.  :) But she is stubborn with colors. Grass is blue, the sky is blue, her pink nail polish is blue, and the red car across the street is blue. According to her...

- Right now as a type, I'm watching Jane entertain herself with a night light (it's actually a miracle Im blogging now, 98% of the time I blog when she is sleeping) and at the same time feeling little flutters in my tummy. The circle of life, man. It's cool.


  1. She is the cutest! Her little pony tail and romper - I die! We've been trying to work on colors with Adelyn for a long time now and everything is still blue to her too. Funny little girls =)

  2. One of those pictures makes her look super blonde! I was just thinking the other day about the "career" of motherhood versus 90% of other careers and their purposes. I decided teaching a baby to become a full functioning adult trumps making a lot of money for a company. That is just one opinion though. You are awesome.

    1. You know me well enough to know I share that opinion whole heartedly! Miss you. I want to come to Provo soon so let's get together (I'll actually have a car too:)



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