Sunday, January 17, 2016


You'd think being cooped up in the house for about 2 weeks would result in more time to blog. But when both your babies are sick, every single thing is on the back burner. And when you, the mom, are sick on top of it? Survival Mode. Blogging is not in the description of survival mode. Neither is showering, doing make up, making good dinners, interacting with other adult human beings, and basically doing anything that is enjoyable. For some reason I plunged into this motherhood business with a firm belief that moms couldn't get sick from their kids. Well that myth has surely been busted.
^^ exhibit a and b

 I will say that my kids and I have been blessed with good immune systems, so I'm not used to dealing with sickness. It was sad to see Lyla so congested and to feel so helpless! There just isn't much you can do to break up that mucus in their little bodies. Those snot suckers actually make me angry, because, well, they simply do not do their job. If you are going to claim that your only function is to suck snot, then you better suck snot. And a lot of it. Well that isn't what happened in my experience. Isn't that right, miss Lyla?

Most of the time while we were quarantined, it snowed. Thank goodness for the snow. Even if we weren't feeling well enough to go play in it, sometimes they were both content to sit by the window and just watch it fall. And I got a really sweet picture out of it.
(lyla had just pooped out, and I put her in here while I went to get new clothes. So no, I don't let my sick babies sit around naked in the middle of winter, in case anyone was concerned.)

I love these babies of mine. And we didn't go anywhere for a few weeks. But we did spend some time out in the snow. It calms them both and makes Jane giddy. I think the fresh air did us wonders!

There were also many sweet sister moments. I love watching them become friends right before my very eyes. They adore each other. And I adore watching them adore each other. 

We are all good and healthy now, for the most part. Venturing outside of our quarters and such :) Feels real good after a long at-home stay-cation. The first time we left the house, we decided to go to the library. We were all SO excited, and in need of new books and new scenery. I bundled up the girls real good and we got to the library only to find out that it was closed for some random german holiday. I wanted to scream but instead I succumbed to Jane's request to go to the PX and eat Pizza. I had been pumping her full of fruits and veggies and proteins, almost exclusively, to try to kick those germs and so she devoured that pizza vigorously. And forgot all about the closed library :)
^^ and check out the gem of the day: a nose picking photo bomber. 

I also have to document, the very first destructive thing Lyla has ever done. The casualty: an unsuspecting tulip. (my friend brought them to me to cheer us up from the winter sickly blues, and it sure did work!) So, Lyla- let the curiously destructive stage begin. I'm ready!


  1. Oh man sick babies are so hard. And you're right, you feel so helpless because there's not much to do for them! We do humidifiers and oils and saline drops and (useless) snot suckers etc. etc. and it still just has to run its course. So sorry! Winters are rough no matter how you slice it. Sickness and darkness and cold. But I guess it sure does make us appreciate all the other months of the year a little more, right? ;) Glad you're all on the mend! Wish we weren't so darn far away. That little Lyla is sure Growing!!!

  2. Such cute pics! Sorry the girls have been sick. Winter and sickness= blues for sure! Give them a big kiss for me!!

  3. Ok Lyla is getting so big! And she is beautiful! What sweet sisters. Sorry about all the sickness. And I agree about the nose suckers except for the green hospital ones. That's the only one that works, and I have no idea why they sell the other junk ones! They do nothing! Anyway glad you're all doing better. Weird to think you're in the stage now that I was in at Wymount... two kids and all. Time sure flies. Love you!



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