Sunday, April 24, 2016

april little things

April has not been the most glamorous month, let me be real. Jeff left the first day of the month so we have been trying to keep ourselves busy with lots of play dates and lots of fun activities. It really was going well until the big bad wolf called sickness came to visit and basically had us quarantined for a good while. I've always had a darn good immune system and before moving, Jane had been sick once her ENTIRE life. But something in the air here- everyone is sick ALL THE TIME. It's weird. I do realize April isn't over yet, but we have something really fun planned for next week, and I wanted to write about the little things first. 
 Let's start out with this picture of my window flowers. Trying to be a german flower woman and guess what, I suck at it. These flowers have been dead for 2 weeks now. I tried planting them in the front yard too, and those also died. I tried, ya know? I really tried. And I really failed. 

 Ok this picture is blurry, but look at this child! Already perfecting the cheesy grin! Obsessed.
 ^^ Lyla hates it when Jane tries to cuddle with her. Haha. These cute girls before church. Sundays are my favorite days to do little sister photoshoots in the living room.  ^^
 ^^ this moment made my heart sing! One of those moments i've always dreamed of. My two sweet girls mesmerized by our wedding video. That video is probably one of my most prized possessions. I'm so glad we have it. And that is has documented all the people who were there on that wonderful, happy day! :)
 I took this picture because it just screams "happy childhood" to me! Taking a break from playing out side and riding her bike to shove food in her face. Unwilling to take off the helmet, or turn it around the correct way. I just can't believe my baby is a full fledged KID. It's just crazy, but I LOVE that I get to witness practically every second of it :)
 Let's squeeze in a little 9 month update for Lyla-Loo. This 9th month has been a rough one for her as evidenced in the picture above. That is how she has looked for a good majority of the past month. (does she not have the most pitiful cry face you've ever seen? breaks my heart every time!) She had Roseola for about a week and I didn't know what was wrong until she broke out in the rash and my wise sisters in law identified it for me. She was 100% miserable for a week straight. I've never, (in all my 3 WHOLE years;) dealt with that sad or inconsolable of a baby. I thought it was teething, but NOPE- that babe is still rockin' the toothless grin. She finally got over roseola and thats when the DEATH cold hit us all. I got it first, then jane, and now Lyla. Right when she was getting happy again, the poor baby is back to being miserable.
 That cold was a doozy. Or maybe I'm a wimp. But either way, I was feeling very overwhelmed trying to take care of my kids, and everything else I need to do in life, while I felt so sick. It made me miss jeff even more. Speaking of jeff- he is doing great. He is doing some really hard army guy stuff. He tells me about the things he is doing and I just sit there and think....if i were the one doing that, i would give up, sit my butt down, and bawl my eyes out.  I don't know how he does it.
 Jane hasn't had the easiest month either. She REALLY misses her dad. I had maybe the most brilliant idea ever. Actually, my friend Nikki gave me the idea- to buy a "daddy bear". I went that very minute and bought one for Jane. I wrapped it up and told her a present was sent here from daddy. She was purely delighted! I told her that whenever she misses daddy, she can give that bear a big hug. Needless to say, that bear has been gettin' lots of love. It breaks my heart, but at the same time makes me SO grateful to have a husband who is such a wonderful father.

 I'm loving that Lyla and Jane are starting to play in the bath together. Lyla even lets jane splash her in the face and is completely unphased by that at this point. HA! Lyla LOVES the bath like Jane never has, so it's one of my favorite things to bathe her.
I have to mention my favorite thing right now with Jane. Every time I put Lyla down for a nap she gets a giddy grin on her face and starts singing "Mommy and Janie time, Mommy and Janie time!" We use this time to do school, or play memory, or read books. Whatever her request may be that day. I love it. We're friends. In fact, the other day she said "Mom, you're my best friend!" And I smiled, but didn't respond immediately. She said "Mom! Say 'AWWW!'"
Another Jane quote. The other day we were making cookies together and as she was sitting in front of the oven, watching them cook, she says: "I wish these cookies were water so I could swim in them!"

 Lyla still isn't crawling. Not even scooting. She hates, HATES being on her stomach and will flip around as soon as she can. I try to flip her back, and she is quite persistent and will eventually just scream. She spends a lot of time rocking on her hands and knees but as far as mobility goes? She is quite limited. I'm anxious for her to just learn. But also, not. My house isn't baby proof. Dumb of me, right?
This little sunshine just makes me so happy. Jane's favorite thing lately is for me to tell her the story of "When you had the Jane baby" or "When you had the Lyla baby" and I absolutely love reliving these 2 MOST spectacular and heavenly days of my entire life over, and over again. It also helps me to just appreciate them that much more, and kiss their cheeks to death. I love my girlies.


  1. We have that exact same army bear! (Given to Asa by his Uncle). This spring is just a sick one. We were all sick in March and it really was the worst bout of sickness we've ever had as well. Maybe it has to do with moving and being exposed to new things. You still inspire me as a mom with every post.

  2. Oh man we are dealing with a nasty cold too. You seem to be handling everything so well with Jeff gone! You're so strong. I love Jane quotes and cannot WAIT to live close enough to visit!! Love you!

  3. Tell Jane she is out long list household comedian haha. I just laugh so hard at all her little funny sayings. I can't wait to play with them!



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