Monday, April 4, 2016

Recent Snippets

"Mommy I would love it if you colored with me"
Can you blame me for never being able to resist such a sweet request?

Jane is learning to read. She is getting good at sounding out words and knows some sight words as well. I had to document this: her first time reading a whole book. That book has about 15 words total in it, but she sat there and painstakingly sounded out each word, letter by letter and afterwards, we celebrated.  "I'm learning to read!!" she proclaims, proudly :)

Lyla and her first little baby friend, Claire. They are so adorable together. Always trying to claw at each others faces and suck on each others toys. It's what friends are for, you know.

Jane went on a date with her daddy and he took her to her very first movie. I remember later that night when it was bed time, jeff whispered "I just sat through a stupid 2 hour cartoon, so I think it's your turn to put Jane to bed" Haha. What a trooper, Jane came home beaming and would not soon stop rambling on and on about the popcorn, her VERY own!

We had a farewell fancy dinner and dessert the night before Jeff left for Georgia. He will be gone all month and we already miss him. Jane helped me make this delicious dessert, another famous recipe from my mother in law. I seriously want more right now. But I am also glad that it's gone and no longer beckoning to me. at all hours of the day 

I took the girls to the Nurnberg Zoo with my friend Alli and her girls. It was such a fun zoo, and Lyla's first time ever to a zoo! The weather was amazing.  I could sing constant praises to the changing, blissful weather we have been having! Jane carried around her lunch box with her packed food all day, and wanted to feed her plum to all the animals.
 "Mom, these zebras are going to be my daughters"  ...Okay, Jane. 
 ^^ the one sock wonder, in the flesh.
Jane and Genevieve :)  They were so adorable running around holding hands! 

While ^^WE^^ were on the craziest road trip, jane stayed back with some of our good friends, Morgan and Jordan. I was SO grateful for them because they gave Jane such a fun weekend. Making pizza, doing easter egg hunts and other activities, many trips to the park, and unfortunately for them, many diaper changes....Jane had a blast, and Morgan sent me tons of pictures while we were gone:
^^ Jane's poop face. Poor Morgan had to change so many. Whenever Jane poops, she gets this wide eyed stare and looks at me and says, with a strained robot voice: "I love you mommy!" It's weird and it's hilarious. Well, when we were gone, apparently jane would poop and look at morgan and say "I love my mommy!" This made us all laugh so hard. 

And this weekend was General Conference. Did you guys want to learn a fun fact? Ever since I've met Jeff, there has only been ONE time that we have watched conference together. That means that there has been 7 out of the 8 conferences in our marriage that he has been out of town. What is UP with that? Regardless, conference was wonderful. I felt so uplifted, hopeful, and motivated to continue to try to improve myself in all the areas that matter. Sometimes I have a hard time knowing what I should do, and if what I'm doing is in line with what the Lord would want. But when I listen to these inspired men and women of God, I have no doubt that what they are saying is truth and guidance meant to fill our lives with joy. This life is about JOY, and I have a lot of it. I contribute all of that joy to the gospel, and my knowledge that we are all children of God and are SO loved. That love is empowering, motivating, comforting, and inspiring.
Jane actually really enjoyed most of it too. We built a "tent" to watch conference in. (like the people built tents when listening to king benjamin in the book of mormon.) And I printed out a sheet with all the apostles (leaders of our church) on it. She has them all memorized, and whenever one of them would speak she would get so excited, and put a sticker next to their face. And then I gave her a little piece of chocolate for that. 
All fun and games until a few hours later she says "Mommy my tummy hurts and's because you gave me way too much chocolate!"
My sincerest apologies, Jane.
 ^^ i caught this on camera- her first time on her hands and knees, and she stayed there for about 30 seconds. She was SO proud of herself :)
Playing with play doh during the last session and I loved how the light was coming in through the windows. This little girl is getting way too big for my liking. Doesn't she look like a little teenager? It's ridiculous. She also acts like one, in case you were wondering. It's been a constant whine fest over here lately, and I'm doing my best to combat it. Being outside sure helps, bless that sunshine!  (have I mentioned that enough?) I think she really struggles when Jeff leaves because she always seems to act out more right after he leaves. Knowing that, I try to give her as much empathy and love as I can because I know how she feels. And sometimes, it's just hard to be a toddler because, gosh darnit, you just want 7 pieces of gum a day, along with all the chocolate. And for some odd reason there is a heavy resistance in this endeavor, and her name is mommy. I'm just the worst, aren't I Jane? Such a chocolate dream crusher. But see, if I give her chocolate she then complains of a tummy ache and gives me the guilt trip. I believe this is what they would call a lose-lose situation.

But oh when she decides to tuck away her whining voice, that girl is the most spectacular little human. I enjoy her so much. I can never get enough hugs, enough of those infectious giggles, enough conversations explaining to her how this world works. Goodness, I love her. 


  1. Dude I literally almost crowd reading this post from laughing so hard. The zebra comment and the robot/pooping thing Jane does just put me over the top. I can't handle it!!!!



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