Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Since the last time we rented an RV went so swimmingly (HA!) we decided to do it again. This time with my mom and sister tagging along. We picked them up from the airport and didn't even go home before we set out on our adventure through parts of germany, austria, and the czech republic. That big bad RV is the loveliest backdrop in the first picture. 

Our first stop was Garmisch, Germany where we went on the coolest hike I've ever been on. Hike is a but of a stretch because it was more like a stroll. But an extremely beautiful stroll.
Jane was a little more than enthused to have her nana and aunt Rachel with us :)
The beginning of our hike started in this olympic ski jump arena. 

with 4 iPhone cameras, my good camera, and Jeff's GoPro, I think it is safe to say that we had all bases covered when it comes to the documentation of the trip. (over-documentation is a thing)
I felt naked without my baby carrier on a trip. My mom carrying Lyla in the carrier gave me a sweet liberation that allowed me to run, and jump, and bend over to take pictures.
Stacks of freshly cut wood are germans' forte. 

But really, when the scenery is like this, over-documentation is not much of a crime. 

The bavarian mountain air is so fresh and rejuvenating that even the most jet lagged human can feel refreshed and energized. And the flowers in every nook, cranny, and crevice are enough to cause a certain hard-to-please 3 year old to point and yell "Look at those beautiful flowers, mommy!" Lucky for anyone reading this, you get to experience this hike with only one of your senses. And it is still only in 2D. Imagine the 3D versions of these images. And then add on the cool mist and breeze of the river floating (or roaring, depending on which part you are in) past you, the sounds of that same water rushing, and the bells of the grazing sheep ringing, the birds chirping in harmony, and my actual favorite- a little 3 year old narrating the whole thing.  This was a truly delightful hike and was nourishing for my body and spirit.
Fields of wild flowers that make me want to be a hippy and make crowns out of them.
These sheep have hit the jack pot with some prime real estate. Those wooly creatures will never know how good they have it.

And this water was fresh from the mountain run-off and I wanted to find a rope swing and jump into it. Except for it would have probably given me hypothermia. It MAY have been worth it. Because hypothermia is a little more acceptable when the water looks like this.
This little doorway was the entrance to the gorge.

The gorge was enormous and it was one of those times when you are acutely aware of how seemingly small and insignificant you are compared to the grandeur and vastness of this earth. The cool thought that precedes this feeling, for me, is my knowledge and testimony that this was ALL created for us to enjoy by a kind and loving Heavenly Father. Prayers of gratitude were repeating in my head. I'm grateful for this beautiful world.
Love jeff in the focus in the background. His face proud of his latest GoPro capture :)
There were times when it was awfully dark and wet. But those sensations were compensated by some surreal views.
Would recommend a rain jacket. As opposed to my t-shirt and that's it.  (my kids were bundled, but my arms were very much goose-bumped.)
At times the water was calm, and other times it was raging and roaring so loud that we couldn't hear each other talk.
Being sprayed by waterfalls is my very favorite way to get wet.
This branch (scene below and above) was one of my favorite parts of this hike. Look at that strong fella, holding its own against the strong current. I hope I can anchor myself down into what I believe and stay true and firm and strong despite any life currents that are thrown my way.  And remember that I can do hard things. Even really hard things. Thanks branch, for the inspiring life lesson.
Stay strong, little guy.
She slept through the roaring water and woke up just in time to come out of the gorge and smile for a picture ;)
Jeff is a total sucker for these coin machines.
After eating a quick lunch in the RV, we stopped at a place for gas where jeff did push ups and I did jump squats. Jane attempted to do both also, but when she got tired she settled for sitting on his back while he did push-ups. 
We drove for a few hours and arrived in this cute little town outside of Salzburg. An RV park with a view that is jaw-dropping. That is my cup of tea.
Surrounded by mountains and still the only view she wants is my face alllll up in hers :)

We stayed here for 2 nights. The first day it rained. all. day. long. We did a little excursion to the Eagle's nest; one of Hitler's getaway points. I didn't get pictures because I didn't want the rain to ruin the camera. But even if I braved the storm with my camera, the only thing I would have captured is a WHOLE LOTTA RAIN DROPS. And umbrellas. And fog. So you aren't missin' much. However, the next day we woke up to sunshine and didn't waste a single second. We were out and about as soon as we woke up, exploring the unbelievably cute little town of Golling, Austria.  We got out of the RV, still in our jammies, on a mission to find a bakery for breakfast.
On our way this enormous spider web caught our eye.
These buildings were SO fun to look at! Each one I could've stared at for 10 minutes.
Jeff making me laugh as we walk down the street :)
My little family just strolling through europe, and (mostly) smiling through it :) I'm so grateful for all the cool opportunities we've had here to explore and see new places. But I will say- I'm more grateful for all the amazing people we've met here. That's really what makes life sweet.
^^ this restaurant we ate at for dinner one night. It was the best pizza I've had in Germany. Which isn't saying a whole lot. But it was good. Not as good as the pizza I ate in Italy though, DUH.
"Mommy, I'm having a rough day. I need some cuddles." (at 7am, already having a rough day is not the best sign. ha)
If we weren't wearing sweat pants and looking slightly homeless, this would be a framer!
Cute red garage door!
This is what jane does every time she hears a loud vehicle. (motorcycle, large truck, tractor, etc) Haha. It is her trying to be brave, but terrified out of her mind!
DAISIES!!!!! :) :)
aaaaaaand a bakery was found. I'm pretty sure its against the law to not have a bakery on every street in Europe.
The goods. Can you just hear the groans that Jeff is making as I make him stop for this picture??
Walking back to the RV to sit and eat croissants and baked goods filled with probably some sort of heavenly chocolate and/or fruity jam, with the windows and screens of the RV open, letting the sunshine, the nice warm/cool air, and the sound of the chirping birds in. It was a lovely morning. After a comfortable, no rush start to our day, we put that bad boy into drive and were on our way to Salzburg. A whole wonderful post on that is next :)

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  1. i'm dying from the beauty and cuteness of your family. A few things....Nick also does push ups at gas stations on road trips, these are my favorite pictures of Europe so far, and please please please frame that kissing family picture or make a canvas out of it or something! It's amazing-even with the sweatpants. I love how real but also romantic it is. Miss you guys. I'm glad you got to have such a special trip with your mom and sister!



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