Tuesday, July 26, 2016


On thursday night after seven peaks, we drove to Willard, Utah to stay with my aunt and uncle mark and cheree. (The ones we lived with before we moved to Germany) It felt like coming home, and Jane was so excited as she looked at Madie and said "Madie! We live with you again!" 

Well, we got to "live" with them for a few days, at least. And the favorite activity seemed to be fruit picking. They have a cherry tree and an apricot tree. The cherry tree was low enough for Jane to pick some all by herself. 
Getting in on the action the best way she knows how: pointing and whispering "wowwww"
 ^^ picking cherries with madie

On saturday we spent the day shopping with my dad and it was so fun! He spoiled us all. On sunday, we were back up in Willard for Tyler's homecoming talk. Almost my mom's whole side of the family was there and it was quite short-lived, but so sweet to see everyone. Kinda like eating a really good chocolate bar, it's over before you're quite ready for it to be. (I'm talking a german chocolate bar, because I can live the rest of my life without american chocolate now that I've tasted the real deal.) But it was thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless.
Full fisting it with the apricots again. All those babies that she consumed made a reappearance the next day, and made me wish even more fervently that this child was potty trained. (and before you think of asking, yes, I've tried every method known to man.)
 2 of my favorite girls, who also just happen to be total babes. 
 Look at that beautiful tree. It's just like #backyardgoals to the maxxxxx
Kacee feeding the apricot addiction even further. She was so good with Jane. 

This photo is fitting considering Jane was pretty much attached to the hip of Madie while we were there. They were quite happily reunited. We had to leave, and there was a giant tug on my heart as we drove away. But the only redemption was that I still had 1 day left in Utah, and I got to spend it in my beloved Provo again. I can confidently say that Provo is my favorite place on earth. There are so many fond memories wrapped up in that place that it is completely irreplaceable. I was so proud when we drove in again and Jane instantly spotted the "Y" on the mountain and I got to explain to her that it stood for BYU. She said: "mommy, when I'm a wayyyy bigger girl and I go to BYU, will you cry because I'm all growed up?" The answer was YES. 

I was so excited to walk around the Provo City Center temple, because they hadn't finished it yet when I moved away. I was really sad when I realized the actual grounds were closed, but we still walked around the gate. 
Jane was sad too: "Can't we please go inside mommy? I want to get mawwied." (married)
 So beautiful. And quite literally risen from the ashes. 

 That day, I also finally got to see Becca and meet her sweet baby Olivia for the first time! We went to Target where she helped ease my anxiety that I always get when buying things. And then we went to lunch. I chose a place I hadn't been to which was a serious gamble since there are so many places in Provo I already love. But I'll tell ya, it did NOT disappoint. 180 tacos, I wish I could eat you again right now.
 It was SO good to see her again. We laughed and joked as if not a day has passed. It's definitely interesting to be together again, but this time with a little flock of children that we are responsible for. We took our babies to the track where we went running all the time together and they lined up and were crawling around. A second generation of BYU indoor tracksters. :) It made me so happy and nostalgic.
They've just got to be roommates at BYU one day. I don't know what it'll take to make that happen, but I will do just about anything. Seriously. Seeing our babies together just makes my heart swell. We did pretty good, becca. And we've come a long way ;)

That night we went to Laura and Tom's again to celebrate Lauren's birthday. Can't get enough of those people! But also, can't seem to remember to take pictures when we are together. Next time ;) I did get this sweet little picture of Jane and Ian looking out from the balcony, and Lyla trying to creep in on the action.
Cutest cousins!

We were sad to leave Utah, but I did leave feeling like I used every second to make good memories and I savored them all, too. Full hearts as we hopped on a plane to Houston, Texas. Our next stop!

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