Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Day Full of Anything But Nothing.

Today was swell. My high school senior friends are finally done with school.
This means I am finally able to enjoy their company.
Well, enjoy another human being's company really. I've been deprived of that lately. 
Today, as well as yesterday, was packed with joy and spontaneity.
Two of my absolute favorite things.
First of all, I was officially hired today for my job. Uniform and all. Even a hat!
Then Hannah and I wanted to go running and hiking.  
My friend Steven wanted to go running too so we were going to meet him at Cottonwood.
He was an hour late. But no worries. We found ways to occupy ourselves.
We went and played in the stream that used to be gushing and now could probably not nourish the gills of the smallest fish known to man. But it was still fun. The mud was squishy and very fun to walk in.
We also made sure to mark our territory. Please observe. And admire.
Hannah, Blog readers {however few there may be}. Blog readers, Hannah.
Glad you are now introduced to one of my very best friends in the whole world.
We had fun. Then Steven finally arrived and we went running.
I felt lame when we ran so let's not talk about that.
Then we decided to go to Sonic. My good friends Melanie and Amy ended up joining us.
For some delicious strawberry limeade slushies.
We missed happy hour by like, 15 minutes. Blast.
Today is Melanie's birthday! She is an adult. Happy, Happy!
She is also one of my best friends and I'd like to introduce you to her also. 
Alright. Now you have met Melanie. And my lovely hat that I will be stylishly pulling off at the place of my work. I was showing it off to my friends and happened to take a picture with it on. Flattering, yes? Also keep in mind I JUST went running. That can fly as some form of justification of my wretched appearance right? Well anyways. I just wanted the
world to know that today is Melanie's day of birth. If she didn't have a day of birth, she never would've been born. And that would be extremely depressing and tragic. So, I'm very grateful for this day :)

Anyways, after Sonic I helped Hannah clean her room. She has a lot of candy. All over the place. As well as other things. So if you are ever feeling a sweet tooth, head over there and she will give you some. And you can make a new friend who is like, an ideal friend. So that is my day {so far} and I liked it. If it was your day, you would've liked it too, I bet. I'll also be watching my new favorite show {"The Voice"} in approximately 24 minutes.

Song of the Day: Kiss me Slowly by Parachute :)


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