Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Official Blog

Reality is beginning to sink in. I have a hard time letting that happen, but when it finally does I get completely overwhelmed. The reality is that I'm not a little girl anymore. High school is history. Always relying on my parents is history. Literally. I guess that makes me an adult. Do I feel like an adult? Not at all. I went into college thinking I was overly mature and ready for anything that life could throw at me like: living on my own, living with roommates, marriage, supporting myself etc. I could not have been more wrong. I always have felt like blogging is for old women. I always hear ladies talking about someone's latest blog or harassing another woman for not hopping on the blog wagon yet. I realized that I'm one of those "old women" now. By old, I of course don't mean wrinkly and about to croak. It's more like...a woman who has a future that is in her own hands now. It's slightly terrifying. But if there is one thing I've learned in my adult life so far, it's that it only APPEARS to be in my own hands. I've learned to alter that definition to: a woman who has a future that is as bright as her faith.(Thomas S. Monson) I'm responsible to ultimately make all the tough decisions but the Lord is the one who is behind the curtains in everything I do as long as my faith remains in Him. My life is in His hands. I think learning that is what "growing up"  and becoming a woman really is, and it certainly makes being an adult a lot easier. So this blog post is my official acceptance of being a grown up. Yeah that sounds super weird, hopefully someone out there can make some sense of this. 

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