Monday, May 9, 2011

I Miss Your Stinking Guts

      Alright FRIENDS. I'm sick and tired of you all being so stinkin' awesome. It would make my life a lot easier if you all just sucked. Because then I wouldn't miss the heck out of you all.
      First of all, my college friends are prominent in my mind right now because a couple days ago I got a package from Rachelle {my dormmate for one semester, roommate for another, and one of my very best friends}. She made me a video of Freshman year. Complete with pictures, videos, and a sappy "My life sucks without you letter" haha ;) It made me miss college so bad. I'll be talking about this year for the rest of my life. Future husband and children--brace yourselves to hear a lot {more than you would prefer, most likely} about these people who made it the best year of my life.

"Summer Term" and the "Fab Five" are basically interchangeable. Rachelle, Becca, Kerri, Stetson, and Matt. Quite the legit bunch if you ask me. We were always together. This probably isn't something to brag about, but there was never a meal we ate together when someone said a prayer without at least one of us laughing. We were just always laughing. Stets was always the tease and the smarty pants. Also quite the chef believe it or not. In the first picture he was tickling me...quite the frequent occurrence. Matty was the chill one who always made us laugh without trying to. What you see is what you get with Matt and he is such a good, loyal friend. He is also STRONG both physically {freaking buff} and spiritually. Love that guy. I'm gonna miss them when they are on their missions in Monterrey Mexico{Stets} and Quetzaltenango Guatemala {Matt}. Becca and Rachelle- my sisters. I feel like I've known them forever and I haven't even known them for a year. Bleck is always HAPPY and will do anything with me. Also, the longest we have gone being in the same room and not laughing is approximately 5.7 seconds. Weirdest 6 seconds of my life. Rash is so thoughtful and I have had so many deep talks with her about everything imaginable. Seriously..think about something right now. Yep, we've had a lengthy discussion about that. Don't judge. We are both ultra-feelers and proud of it. {kinda}

Ok, moving on. 
So Fall/Winter Semesters. My best guy friends...
His nickname is Daniel Packer. Even though he is my cousin's boyfriend, he still pretends to be my boyfriend when I deem it necessary. Haha. This picture basically describes our relationship. We have fun making fun...of each other and pretending like we hate each other. But we secretly love each other. {in a non creepy one-day-you-will-be-my-cousin kind of way.} He will be a rockin' missionary in Paraguay! :)
And Charlie
This picture. I like it because Charlie is the smiliest, happiest boy I have ever met. He always made my day even when I was super...NOT happy. We had so many laughs and so many good talks and also...frequent study sessions/american heritage venting sessions. I miss him! He is out being a stud in Hong Kong right now. Ex. of him being the happiest guy ever  is this quote that I loved from his most recent letter: "The language is coming as slow as it ever has, but I am always trying, and any person, no matter their language, can understand a smile.  So that is about the extent of my communiaction--smiling." His letters are the absolute BEST, by the way. :D

Alright. Next Up. Let's give a round of applause for FOX 41 + cuh-laire of course.
{last time we were all together}
LIFE would not have been as good if it weren't for their apartment that served as a solace for Claire and I.
Nicole when asked by Brianne via skype where Kylee, Jess, and Amy were...put it well. "Uhm, Kylee is probably mackin' on her boyfriend {gorgeous man magnet with a gorgeous personality to match}, Jessica is probably visiting teaching {Extremely friendly, fun, AND righteous}, and Amy is probably being translated" {yeah, surprised that hasn't happened yet}. Well put nicki, well put. Just a really awesome group of girls who were the residents of my second home at college. Nicki is the one who is funny, sliiiightly inappropriate{haha}, loyal, and super good at making up dialogue for random japanese soap operas at 2 in the morning. I'm so glad I had her to obsess over Jimmer and the whole basketball team with me {including doing the JIMMER rap- click to watch }, and to ask advice/give lots of advice repeatedly since she is the most hesitant person known to man. Brianne is always up for anything which is cool cuz too! Laugh laugh laugh. That's what she does. And I'm usually doing it with her. Brianne is just so FUN! Africa and Jack Bauer=our identical obsessions. Aubree. She has a heart of gold and a driven mind. She is passionate and really interesting to talk to. She can give a psychanalytical {idk what that means but it sounds like it fits} synopsis on each of her friends. She is strong in every way and I really admire her. Also, she is going to get a HUNK one day. Mark my words.
Cuh-laire- we were attached at the hip for a very long time. And she is obsessed with me. Just admit it already, Claire. Haha. We had a lot of good times. A lot of venting sessions. A lot of laughs. And a lot of her coming on my bed and not leaving...uh awkward. Claire really is completely selfless though and has done so much for me. I like her. Except for her missionary interference tendencies, but we won't go into that. ;)

  There is also a lot of other people who blessed my life this year but it would be impossible to talk about all of them. Or I just don't have a picture with them. Haha. I'm so grateful for all these great friends I made.
I really do miss their stinking guts. Not their literal guts though. That's nast. 

But here is the deal. Now I am home. I have some pretty great friends here too. But I feel like part of home is missing because some people are not here. I'll write about them another time...


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