Friday, May 13, 2011

A Secret Dream

Ok so i have a few dreams. Secret ones.
{well after i write this it won't be secret anymore, will it? Good observation}
One of them is to have one of these.
  I'm not really materialistic.
But this is one of the few things that I really want. Bad.
I don't know why but I've always wanted one of these in the front of my house. 
Or the back. Either one.
I just feel like a swing like this would be a memory vortex.
I can picture me and my future husband as newlyweds. 
Sitting on it and counting the stars.
And pointing out constellations.
{I hope I know more constellations than him}
I can picture two of my future little kids swinging on it.
And singing songs to each other.
I can imagine fretting over my first gray hair.
While looking out the window and seeing my oldest daughter.
With her high school sweetheart swinging away in blissful contentment.
And I can see me and my love sitting hand in hand.
Talking about how crazy our life together has been.
And being way past the point of worrying about a single gray hair.
Because now our heads are full of it.
I don't even bother dying it anymore.
Because my husband tells me he thinks my gray hair is lovely.
And then I will touch the veins that are popping out in his hands.
{Yeah that is weird, but I'll most definitely do that}
There will be a lot more that will happen on my dream swing.
It'll be exciting to see what those things will be.

Ahh. The possibilities.


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