Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Music Family!

So you know those music families that we've all known? Well I've always been secretly envious of families like that. I'm kind of a musical person and so is my mom but the rest of my siblings have always seemed uninterested. Well I come home from college and guess what! I have a music family. Brendon and Willy can play the guitar now and Brendon has finally admitted to himself that singing is not womanly. So they start playing the guitar, I naturally start singing and Brendon starts harmonizing? What?! Anyways, we like to sit down and learn songs together now and I love it. We did one on Easter, it made me happy :) Obviously we are completely amateur. You can tell by the quality, the way we were constantly looking at the computer to see the lyrics {that most of the time i was making up anyways}, and the way the camera just decides to stop recording even though we weren't done. Alright camera, I guess you are the boss. Maybe it had some premonition that a really bad note or chord was about to be hit. So, if that's the case- thanks little guy. Well anyways, here ya go! Enjoy :) Love my family. My brothers are studs!

So there you have it :)


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