Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

I was sitting there listening to my family make all these fun plans for the
4th of July. I was sad that I couldn't take part in the festivities because of work.
I would instead be working THREE shifts on an extremely busy day.
So it was kinda a rough day. I was just chilling at the Cap Bar (Which is a secluded register)
and a co-worker says some people are here to see me.
In walks my brothers, my sister, my grandparents (who were visiting for the weekend), and my mom!
I was so happy! They told me that they cancelled their other plans so they
could come up to Pikes Peak and visit me. They came just in time for my lunch break too.
So, basically, I love those people and they totally made my day!
Me and my grandma. I realized I am a lot like her in some ways. We both put our whole hearts into everything we do and she loves people easily. That's what we have in common I think. More about just her- She is  just great- so patient and a huge comfort. Very smiley and laughy. She is service oriented and is amazing at always keeping an eternal perspective.

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