Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ok so I was bummed to start off this weekend.
Because I was supposed to go to Cheyenne and go boating and see my grandparents!
I really wanted to do both of those things. 
My Grandma Rogers is one of my favorite people of all time by the way.
Literally the MOST charitable person I have EVER met.
She makes everyone feel like serving them is the highlight of her life.
Me and all my cousins call her Cutie Gramma- she is just so cute!

But I managed to still have a fabulous weekend despite the previous disappointment.
My aunt and uncle Micah and Tiffani came to visit. 
They have 6 little kids- which makes for a grand total of 13 little cousins to spend time with.
Since 7 of them already live here.
I love my cousins more than I can say. They make me so happy!
So on saturday I painted the nails of 7 little girls.
That is 70 fingers/toes, my friends!
Which is basically 3/4 of 100--
Moral of the story- lots of fingers!
Oh did I mention all my cousins are models?
I feel awkward being related to them because they are just so good looking!
Here are their proud fingers:

Megan and Becca. If you can't tell the sun was bright. What a brilliant photographer I am.
Jenna :)
Elaena's toes
cant see her toes but they are painted. her cuteness just trumps the lack of feet in the picture.
Haley got her nails painted also but I somehow didn't get a picture of that. Which is weird because she is one of those type of girls who would be content to just pose in front of a camera for hours.

Anyways. We all went to the Lifetime pool and raced on the slides. Hannah came with me too and we got some sun :) Then we went to the rock wall. Wow. My arms are jelly. Literally- I couldn't even open my car door I was so weak. I have gained a new appreciation for Jellyfish. And for people who are good at rock climbing.

Then I took 6 of the girls to get slushies at sonic. Happy hour is the best part of the day. I got 7 slushies for $3.54. Sometimes, happiness does come cheap.

How presh. I feel like a nasty dog compared to all those beautiful girls though!
Once again. The sun was giving our eyes special attention.
Hannah is not my cousin but I brought her along anyways :)
I had a wonderful weekend. I love my life. 
And in the spirit of sunday, watch this amazing slideshow/song.

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