Sunday, July 17, 2011


HP Forever? Well uhm, I kinda thought it would be forever.
Since I've basically  grown up with it.
But I guess its NOT?
Yeah, definitely butt hurt about that.
Still kind of in denial
I waited in line for five hours (in the rain) to watch the final piece of Harry Potter magic.
Totally worth it. Times a thousand. Best movie I've ever seen
The only weird part was at the end when Harry just:
1. Came back to life AND 2. Killed Lord freaking Voldemort
(Spoiler alert? Oops, I told you kinda late huh. My bad.)
Two QUITE impressive feats if you ask me. Like extra impressive.
 But then he walks into Hogwarts all nonchalantly and nobody so much as even says a word to him.
Not even a hug. A medal maybe? A trophe? A standing ovation? A Thank you perhaps?
A nice comment like: "Im glad you aren't dead and you saved the world" ??
Uhm....nope. None of the above. Sorry buddy.
The people in the theatre sure appreciated it though Harry, I can assure you that.
Other than that....
I've never enjoyed a movie so thoroughly.
The next day I had a Harry Potter hangover.
It's all I thought about. The bitter-sweetness of it all.
 I want to see it again.
And reread all the books again.
I feel sad for people who have never read Harry Potter
I will force my children to read those books. and embrace them. and love them. 
Mark my words. :)
So one last question real quick....

What the heck happened to Voldemort's nose??

Harry Potter 3D glasses? Absolutely

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