Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Because mirrors stick out too far...

Hi. My name is Kerri, and today I ran into a cop car.
There. I said it.
But all I did was crack its sideview mirror. As well as mine.
Does that sound so criminal to you?
Well, it sure as heck did to the cop.
I got out of my car and he yelled at me to get back in. 
As if I just murdered 10 innocent children.
Drivers License? Left it at home.
Then he informed me that I just did a HIT AND RUN on a cop car.
Uhh, I hit the car, had a mini heart attack and-
EXCUSE ME, had to find a parking spot.
Apparently I was just supposed to stop right there.
In the middle of the road.
And block all traffic for an hour. Ok. Sorry sir..
He still was convinced I was a dirty rotten, pig stealing, great great CRIMINAL.
Until I started crying.
OH yeah, by the way. Me and Amy did NOT end up climbing the incline.
Which is where I was driving to. (Sorry again Amy)
In case you were wondering.
Then he went a little soft. But still made me come into the police station and wait.
And he gave me a nice little ticket.
And no- not a plane ticket to leave the country. I wish
A ticket that will wipe out my wallet.
Just in case the car damage wasn't going to cost enough.
Good riddance to maybe splurging on a new camera. Or new clothing.
OR food for next semester.
Instead I get to pay for being a "careless driver"
I'd say I wasn't exactly being careful. But not careless either.
It was more like, half my cares had to do with something else and the other half had to do with driving.
Do policeman make everyone cry?
Because they do to me.
I cried for like an hour straight. Those guys are intimidating.
At the end of this whole thing he really said:
"Have a nice night ma'am" 
uh YEAH. Suuuure.
I was actually planning on going home and singing happy songs about sunshines and rainbows.

Although there was one good things about this night.
I realized how AMAZING my parents are.
Neither of them were mad, and my dad even came all the way down to the police station.
And stood up for me. Even though everything was already said and done.
So, I guess- there is the silver lining.

Oh and on the way home I had to tie my cracked mirror (that was hanging by a wire) back together with my shoelace.
Genius right? A lady saw me doing it in the gas station parking lot and said
"Oh did you lose a mirror?"
no I didn't. I just enjoy tying shoelaces onto my car mirrors.

Well. Thats that story. 
What a life.


Song of the day: Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson (the song that was playing when the police came to my window. Definitely a song a criminal would listen to.)

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