Monday, August 15, 2011

Hair- DOs

This post is dedicated to my forgetful self.
My latest obsession has been learning new hairstyles.
I decided that when I have little girls, I want their hair to look cute.
So I started learning new ones and practicing them on my sister.
I wanted to put all the pictures up so I can remember them years from now when I have my own little girls.
Whenever I do a new hairstyle I'll put it up here, so it will be updated.
Props to Rachel for being my patient model!
French braid into side ponytail. {Also can do it wrapped around entire head}

Half braid into half pony

fishtail braid. probably the hardest of all of these for me.

two simple braids

lower side braid

6-twist ponytail. Also can twist them up into bobby pins into a bun-like do.

Flip pigtails. Yes these are uneven. I just wanted to convey the idea...dont care if it looks perfect in the picture.

Can do this one without braiding the pieces too.

welp. there is me and lauren. cuddling.

Double flip under into a flip up

waterfall braid

Double french into braid bun

Looney Braid

Fancy half bun. Can do it into a full bun also.

high wrapped pig tails.

double knots into messy bun.

French twist into twisted pony.

Double wrap around ponytails
waterfall braid across the back with curls.
{front and back} French up and down into twisty bun

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