Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I Can Do...

"I can do hard things...

[Like: Taking 15 credit hours at BYU, working 15 hours a week, having a time consuming calling in church, training for a half marathon, fund raising for Africa; still making time for sleep and a social  life without neglecting the importance of balanced meals]

...When the Lord is standing by me."

Its the first week of school which can only mean one thing: lost freshmen.
The other day I was walking by the Hinckley Building and this freshman girl comes up to me.
She looks drained and in distress. She desperately asked me how to get back to Helaman Halls, her new home.
I smiled and told her to just walk a little more and take the first left.
She was so close but she had no idea. She couldn't see past all the big buildings.
If she would've been able to see past, she would've been happy, fearless, and confident.
I realized that is how life is. We go through these trials that are the big buildings.
They seemingly stand in our way. We aren't able to see the big picture and we struggle.
But once we get past those buildings, we can see clearly why they were there in the first place.
Sometimes the building will always be there and we won't be enlightened until WE return home...
to heaven {not helaman halls}
If we could just realize that the trials are for our own good and that they will soon pass and we will be enlightened, we too can be happy, fearless, and confident in the Lord.
I just thought that was a neat perspective.
{hey, I need to preoccupy my mind somehow on my 20 minute walk to campus}

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  1. Alright I LOVE this song! I'm so glad you know it :) You are awesome Kerri!



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