Monday, September 5, 2011

How to Not Lose the Freshman 10...

Due to Amy's visit, I decided to make a splurge. Which is rare for me. 
We went to Brick Oven.
Is Brick Oven my favorite restaurant? Yes
Did I order the "Feast for One"? Yes
Was it in actuality a 'feast that could easily sustain a third world country for a day'? Yes
Could I have physically watched my stomach expand with each carb-filled bite? Yes
Did I spend one-fourth of my monthly food salary on one meal? Yes
Am I concerned about this? I should be.
Will I have leftovers for the next week? Yes
Does the fact that I ran 5 miles afterwards justify these actions? Absolutely
Did I just construct a questionnaire for myself about my dining out experience? Yes
Judge me.
Moral of the story: eat Brick Oven and have no regrets.

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