Saturday, September 10, 2011


Guess what I am doing right this very moment.
Well Im not working, but I am getting paid.
I know what you are wondering.
Did I enter an alternate universe? No I did not.
I will explain.
I got the best job in the world. End of explanation.
Every since I got this job and I see someone working I think to myself
"HAhahahaHA Suckaaaa! My job is far superior to yours."
Sorry, but it is true.

I just came to the sad conclusion that my life is unexciting. Blogs are only exciting when you have a hunk husband and little kiddos to gush about. One day folks, one day. Until then.
Like, honestly, I just blogged about not doing anything at work.  Uh, awesome.
Next time I'll just put up a video of molasses running down a pole in the middle of winter.
Fun fact. There was a ferris wheel on campus the other day. Just chillin there. Spinning around, all wheel-like. 

Purpose? To accommodate couples who wish to adorably ride and talk about their future together. obviously.
Let's be real. it's BYU. There are always ulterior motives.
And ASAP marriage is 99% of the time the ulterior motive.

Another fun fact. My newest goal is to make a delicious and innovative dessert once a month.
It is happening. And you guys will be second-hand witnesses.

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