Tuesday, September 20, 2011

UGANDA, here I come!!!

Hey guys! I have some WAY EXCITING NEWS!
Ever since last January, my greatest desire has been to go to Africa through HELP International
It is a non-profit organization that enables people like ME to go serve, love, and help people who realllly need it!
Welllll I just got accepted into the program, and I will be leaving this May.
Whoa Kerri that is cool. Is there a catch?
Yes there is a catch. It is that it costs a lot of dollars.
More dollars that a little pathetic child like me has.
I've been working my butt off but I'm still not close.
So if you are interested in being an ANGEL for the people in Africa, and and ANGEL for me....
You could help with this little it-costs-a-butt-load-to-go-abroad-and-change-people's-lives dilemma.
I need to raise around $5,000 by April 1st.
So, if you would like to help these beautiful Ugandan people...
Everything counts!
You can seriously make a difference in their lives and mine. Wouldn't that be a good feeling? :)
I submit that it would!
And PLEASE spread the word. :)
Confused? Not convinced it is a good cause? Watch this video. 
It will change your mind!

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