Saturday, September 24, 2011

Deal Breakers

You know how sometimes you go on a date and the guy does something
that causes you to be like "Uhmm, Nope!"
Here are some of those things that make it happen.
...In case anyone was wondering how to NOT obtain the key to my heart. 


+ Cat lovers. Take your pick- it's either me or the blasted cats. End of discussion.
+ Bad breath, If it smells that horrible in any given moment of the day, I don't even want to imagine how it would smell in the morning.
+ Holding hands/Kissing or anything "couple-like" on a first date (especially blind date). Heck no. Goodbye forever.
+ When guys try to pack all their missionary stories/good samaritan stories into our first conversation. Humility is key, guys. I will be able to tell if you are good without all of those I basically walk on water stories. I love hearing about missions and stuff, but try not to shove it all in my face in one sitting.
+ Guys who are only nice to girls they are attracted to. All other people are unimportant. Being nice to everyone is way more important than whether or not you are just nice to me. hellooooo!
+ Players. Obviously. No boys, we do not enjoy being part of your little game. Thanks though.
+ If you are more stylish than me/care more about clothes than I do- it just won't work out. Sorry!
+ If you have to have the latest and greatest technology all the time.
+ Splurgers. That word is the synonym for future marriage disaster.
+ Try-hards. Just be yourself! Please? Please! PLEEEEASE?!
+ If you don't appreciate music, you won't last a week with me. 
+ You text another girl when you are with me, better yet while we are cuddling- uhh see ya! And yes, that really has happened to me. No Joke.
+ Normal-ness. It is just plain boring. And being normal just would not at all collide with my not normal-ness. Try to find a happy medium between normal and energizer bunny.
+ If you don't like card games and/or you don't care if you win when you play them. Do you know how fun it is to play cards with someone who doesn't care whether or not they win? Uhm, it is up there with watching paint dry and writing research papers.
+ If you wear those preppy tank tops and are serious about it. Just does not float my boat.
+ Someone who doesn't put the Lord first in everything. (this should be a given but I had to say it just to clarify)

So there you have it. Kind of a long list. Everyone will probably think I'm a picky, critical, horrible human being. but hey, I'm being honest. Think as you wish. When it comes to finding someone to marry, it matters. Haha.
Unless I marry/date you, I really don't care if you do any of these things.
Mayyyybe one day I will date an exception to one of the rules.
Wouldn't that be rebellious? Breaking my OWN rules...oohhh.

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