Sunday, October 30, 2011

happy happenings.

ok so this was an eventful week. many exciting things happened.
the first thing happened to my roommate audrey.
she got her mission call! what a stud.
it was so hard for her (and me) to wait like 6 hours to open it.
torture. if it was mine, i could not have done that.
anyways, it finally happened. and she is going to pocatello, idaho!
her reaction was priceless. hahaha
it also made me want to go on a mission even more!

ok. exciting thing number 2. i checked a huge thing off my bucket list yesterday.
i ran a half marathon.
it was the best feeling ever crossing that finish line. like seriously.
i felt cool, in my head. like this girl,

but to everyone else, i probably looked like this.

it's fine.
my roommates were at the finish line cheering me on.
something i did that made it easier for me was that for every mile i ran,
 i ran it for someone i love. i call it "miles for love." haha...
also today i feel like i got hit by a truck. definitely feeling it.
oh, and ps- 3 of my great friends from last year ran it with me.
they are all beasts. 

right after i crossed the finish line. so flattering. oh man.
i devoured like 20 of those oranges. best prize ever!
so buff {brianne, amy, kylie, me}
didn't get the bended leg memo
it hurt so bad to lift my leg like that. freak.
anyways, that was a good day. 
i crossed a huge thing off my bucket list. great feeling.
also i have the best roommates in the world.
see for yourself. 
we took roomie pictures today :) 
here is a sneak peek. we took A LOT more than that.

nina is short
so us
there were some serious ones but i like the silly ones the best
they make me laugh a lot
if you just looked at all those, you should comment and tell your fave.
we are gonna put a big fat one of these in our living room.
and one of them we are gonna send out as christmas cards :)
merry early christmas!

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  1. Hey! So I'm laughing so hard right now at that picture of the little girl running! hahaha priceless. love it! and congrats on completing your half marathon! You go woman!



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