Tuesday, October 25, 2011

one step closer

dear future husband,
i could write a novel to you if i had the time right now. but i just wanted to tell you that i learned a good lesson yesterday that makes me have faith in the Lord's timing {aka when i will meet you}
but basically i just cant wait to meet you so that i can sing you this song. and some other ones too if you will let me :)

love, your wife {back in the lonely days without you}

oh and future married me,
you better be extremely happy right now.
because you are living the dream.

and while we are on a future tangent....
dear future children,
i think about you everyday, and as weird as it sounds... there is an empty spot in my heart just waiting to be filled with you. i hope so much that i can be a good mommy to you.

also, here is a song i will sing to you when you have bad dreams:

ok that is all. now back to the present, which aint too shabby :)
yes, i realize this is an abnormal post. get off my back.

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