Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Mom

So momma, you are 41 now. you have 2 adult children and your youngest baby is in middle school.
i did not say that to make feel old. 
at all...
but anyways, i hiked a mountain for you today.
and i made a video or two for you.
one of the videos got kind of shafted because of the huge gusts of wind.
i personally think it makes it more awesome and dramatic.
but i really just love you so much.
you are the one of a VERY few people I've always been able to count on throughout my life.
and i wish i could've done something cooler for you.
like buy you cool things like soft hoodies and byu sweatpants and the newest high tech gadget.
but im poor. 
but not with looooove! :) ...for you!

so during the windy part where you couldn't hear me this is what I said:
"So there was this really hard part of the hike and Ben was pushing me up. He didn't tell me give up or quit, he just helped me up. That's what you have done for me my whole life and I just wanted to say thank you for that. "
aaaand just to prove i really did hike a mountain for you....

I see and feel the Lord's love in my life. Like a mountain peak glowing with new morning light...


This is like the bloopers...but in a blog not a movie. I was humming "all these are kingdoms" cuz i forgot the words.

mommy i love you! sorry for the poor quality of this whole thing. 
you are the best. and bald. and, i understand you had a big lunch.
love, your oldest, and favorite child who you had a staring contest with the day i was born.
{i've been competitive since day 1}

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