Monday, October 17, 2011

AyyZee BayBee

ready for a story of joy and spontaneity? these are my favorite stories, i don't know about you.
me, becca, and claire decided last minute to road trip to arizona to surprise my cousin and best friend bailey.
the road tripping part was...interesting. and long. and crammed. see?
but the basking in family goodness part made it all worth it.
my aunt dawn, uncle dean, cousins bailey, kara, wyatt, drai, and peytie are the residents of one of my favorite places.  being with them in their house is one of my most favorite solaces. we flock together, talk together, laugh together, and just thoroughly enjoy each others' company.
here are some highlights. 
+me and cousin kara having jam sessions to hymns and various popular pop songs. she is a way good singer.
+everyone just crammed onto the same bed talking openly about anything and everything.
+going to freestone park only to sweat out all the liquid in our body. this picture was worth the sacrifice.

+going to the mesa temple for the first time and doing baptisms/going to the visitors center. spirit central! (5th temple we have been to this year, i will make a separate post for that later)

new favorite picture

+consuming the most delicious frozen treat i have ever even dreamed of consuming at bahama buck's. they are like snow cones. but instead of hard crunchy ice that hurts your teeth and holds hardly any flavor, it was like real snow that had a heavenly cloud consistency. pure magic. yummiest thing ever. ever.
by the way, if anyone knows why there is an apostrophe in the name of the place, please let me know. as far as i am concerned, there is nothing that buck could possibly hold possession of. buck's what? (only applicable to people who are picky about english)

+scorpion hunting at night time. shine. glow. BAM. bam. (bambambam). dead. satisfaction.
+meeting a guy who i had never met but knew a ton about and have about a million connections with. hey uh by the way kind sir i hope i didn't alarm you when i came and knocked on your car window at midnight.
+staying up til 3 and sleeping til 11.
+ugly photo sesh in the car on the way home. we put the camera in front of our face. said the first random word that came to our mind, and tried to look like that word. for example.

deer (inspired by the deer we almost hit 5 minutes prior. what a champ) ps. you can see the dangly thing in the back of my throat. quality.




old woman
+sitting on the front of the car at a random sonic at 2 in the morning
+gas light turning on in the middle of the desert. {prayer works people.}

+arriving home at 4 in the morning and having to wake up at 5 to go to work. have no fear everyone in this world who may or may not be fearful- i got one solid hour of sleep.

the end. now back to reality. here we go.

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  1. You went to Bahama Buck's?! I love that place, so goood!!! I love your blog!!! But, I love you more!!! :)



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