Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my life be like...

The title of this post is called "My life be like"
picture me saying this phrase in a gangster voice.
because that is how it is intended.
if you so desire, you can also picture me saying it with a russian accent.
even though i really would never say it in that way.
but i give you permission to do so anyhow.
without any further ado, i will proceed to show you and tell you what my life be like.
fo realz.

This is our frienship in a nutshell. We are basically one entity.
this is just a glimpse of one of our "ugly dancing" parties

Me and the roommates plus ben and matt who are basically roommates also.

Disclaimer: no grown men were bribed in the making of this video.
I wish I was kidding.
introducing ben: he is a cool kid and grew up with 6 sisters. can ya tell?
what a champ.
anyways, if you were ever wondering what my life is like.
what it is really truly like.
the three above images/video pretty much sum it up.
so now I guess i just lost the mysteriousness factor, didn't i?
i love the people i live with.
i have so many great friends that we can't all fit at our kitchen table.
so my idea was to sit in a circle on the floor to consume our dinner.
all zen-like.
nobody was opposed to said idea. 
this is how i know that my friends rock.
so, future children of mine.
please do not be alarmed. 
for once upon a time, this is proof, i was a crazy college kid.
actually, this isn't the most solid proof i have actually.
but rest assured there is more to come.
stay tuned.

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