Wednesday, December 14, 2011

finals week.

starts off a little bit like this:
 then all the sudden it turns into this:


then i go into the dreaded testing center. 
{sure to be torn down and built into a temple one day because of how many prayers have been said in there}

im all like...

then i look at my score and im like:

jaw. drop. --and NOT in a good way....unfortunately.

then my computer breaks. right before im about to start on my final paper for a class.
so convenient. 
then i look like a homeless person.
{my appearance moves to the back burner during finals week. its fine}
and i end up running into people who i actually would prefer to not look homeless in front of.
its just that t-shirts, slippers, ponytails, and oversized hoodies are just too enticing during a week like this.

i repeat this process a couple times. and then...
i finish. and feel like doing this
{despite the mostly mediocre grades achieved. but we wont go into that}

jumping for joy is good exercise :) 
try it sometime.
but try to do it without having to go through a week from hades first.

so. i could jump on the bandwagon like {it seems} everyone else and say
'yeah i got straight A's- and A's on all my finals.'
well guess what. i didn't.
but i tried my best. i learned a lot.
i have amazing roommates, a loving family to go home to, the gospel to ground me,
and a bright future anyways. 
so there. answer an inanimate object's question:
no... multiple choice tests, in case you were still wondering-
you do not have permission to dictate my future. thank you very much.

 ps. on my LISTENING TO tab, i update it weekly- so click here for my music of the week.

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  1. Okay. This made me laugh! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one that feels this way about finals week! Love ya Kerri



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