Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas

 church was my favorite part of the day today. the spirit was so strong. i lost it a couple times because the true meaning of christmas sank deep into my heart like it never has before. especially when 4 little primary childen {who i love} sang sweet little solos and for the chorus all the primary children stood up in the congregation and sang  "spread the joyful news across the sky!" oh man. tender.
 it reallyreallyreally IS joyful news! 
it was just exactly how a christmas meeting should be :)
you know when words do not suffice the feelings you have inside?
well, that just happened to me.
but it seems that those indescribable feelings are always the best ones, the most cherished.

merry christmas!

{and check out this picture of me and my sis taken and edited {first time ever} from my new mac book.}
yeah, spoiled

now i know why people with MacBooks always look so much better in pictures than in real life.

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