Saturday, January 28, 2012


my roommate becca told me about a comment that
was made in one of her religion classes recently.
someone gave an enlightening comment
about how we can show gratitude.
her peer said that the way we show gratitude is
by utilizing the things we are given and taking full advantage of them.

i was thinking about it.
how exactly do you do that?
well. i think i figured it out.
if we are grateful for our families, we should tell them. we should call them.
tell them about our lives.
say i love you, and then prove it.
if we are grateful to be getting an education, we should put an honest effort into our studies.
instead of doing the minimum, we should do everything we can to learn as much as we can.
if we are grateful for the scriptures, we should read them.
we should search them, excavate them.
if we are grateful for our friends, we should serve them.
if we are grateful for our Father in Heaven, we should keep his commandments.
if we are grateful for our talents we should share them.
if we are grateful for our bodies, we should exercise and be healthy.
and so on and so forth.

so my epiphany is this:

there is a lot more to gratitude than just saying 'thank you'.
showing gratitude can enrich our lives and make it more full and happy.
it will give you a greater love and appreciation for this world.
and the life God has given you.


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  1. "They do not love that do not show their love." -- William Shakespeare



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