Monday, January 23, 2012

keep an eye out for these criminals.

im so scared right now.
there are so many criminals running lose.
here on this very campus.
yes, you heard me right. don't believe me?
please observe the byu police beat.

 +"there was a call made about some loud voices out by wyview park. when the police got 
there they realized that there was a group of students playing a game where you act out 
adverbs. the adverb they were acting out was 'angrily'. no harm was made."
+"a man was reported walking into the Wilkinson center with a rifle case. when officers
arrived, they discovered the 'rifle case' was actually a walking stick. this is not the first
 time officers have responded to this man."
+"two people were reported looking at bikes in heritage halls. when officers arrived, 
they discovered they were parents of a student who lives there and they were waiting
 for him to get out of church."

my commentary:
oh my heck...i feel uncomfortable sharing a campus with people
who participate in such scandalous and deplorable behavior

anyways time for a little personal update.
 exciting things are happening to me.
my love life is blossoming!
...into an awkward, droopy little flower. 
and it is totally ok.
you guys don't believe me, probably.
so i found an illustration that is very fitting.

here i am.
in all of my unrefined, blundering glory.

 sad, yes. but it makes life funny.
it makes me laugh.
what is that jumble of letters?
it represents me
laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and i drop my taco.

happens alllll the time. 
jealous of my life much?

1 comment:

  1. I feel like you are channeling (no pun intended) some language structure into this post---adverbs, tacos? See what he's done to you!? you are too cute.

    BOYZ LUB YOU. And your tacos. They bring them to the yard.



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