Wednesday, March 21, 2012

im gettin' married!

most monumental post.
i am engaged!
to the love of my life
and my best friend
he totally surprised me!
we went ring shopping yesterday and i picked out a ring i liked and everything
but i guess the only reason for that was to throw me for a loop.
he certainly was not planning on getting me any of those rings.
oh, he already had one. no big deal.
let me just tell you all a secret about me.
i am REALLY hard to surprise.
really good at putting things together and ruining it for myself.
but jeff knew i was hard to surprise
and did everything to trick me!
{youuuuu sneaky MOM!} 
my roommates knew too and they didn't even blow it.
so here is the condensed story:

he told me he wanted to take me on a nice date last night.
he even got one of my co-workers to work for me.
i thought "oh how sweet of him"
and maybe for one split second thought maybe it was a little more than a date.
but then i shook that thought away almost instantaneously.
because that was impossible, he couldn't  have the ring yet.
well he picked me up from work and we went to his grandma's house.
soon to be my grandma's house. ;)
such a sweet lady, she gave us marriage advice.
perfect timing for that, little did i know.

so we left her house, she lives right on this special park
that jeff built with his family and spent a lot of his childhood.
our special place.
i saw the pavilion in the park from afar
it had lights strung all around it.
"jeff, why is the pavilion all lit up?"
"i don't know, lets go check it out"
*oh shoot, frogs in my belly*
....complete silence....all the way across the field
...mind going crazy.
it couldn't be possible, kerri.
but it sure looks like it...
{internal conflict, obviously}
as we got closer, i tried to say some words to him
these are the words that came out:
"jeff, are there lights here all the time?"
{i obviously knew the answer already}
"no kerri, i don't think so"
then i knew.
when i got closer and saw this:
we walked down this little pathway to paradise.
i saw a little red box.
he got down on one knee
and asked me to marry him 
{i think, it was all kind of a crazy blur}

i was so not cute about it.
i didn't cry or anything cute.
more like "what the heck?!"
and "are you serious?!"
{i always told myself i wouldn't say that lame phrase}
*unattractive squeal*

then i kissed him a little bit...
still in shock!
and asked "so does anyone else know about this?"
"yep. come on out guys!"
then my roommates came out of the dark abyss
and attacked me.
and admired my BEAUTIFUL ring hardcore.
{which jeff picked out all by himself. well done babe.}

we laughed, i screamed, we hugged, we kissed {just jeff an i}
and then i said 
"i love you fiancé!"
and he said it right back. 

oh man, guys.
it doesn't get better than this! :)

oh and you know that little love story tab?
the one I've been waiting to fill things with ever since i had a blog?
well i can now.
and i did.
read it here.

oh i love my life! :)


  1. Congratulations on your happily ever after!

  2. FINALLY!! I'm so so so so so excited for y'all! Cutest couple ever! And thank you for posting pictures - they're so cute! Ahhhhh so excited :) SO much love!! :)

  3. Haha Kerri that sounds just like you. I can hear you say "are you serious" right now hahah. Congrats love you.


  4. Kerri, I'm so happy for you right now. Being in love is the best feeling ever. Let it wash through every inch of you (as soon as you get your homework done)! Jeff... I look forward to many happy years of trying to make you blush, but I fear I may have met my match. Julee (theothermother)

  5. So......excited and happy for you! Can't wait to meet Jeff!

  6. gooosh!!! that's so sweet Kerry!
    i super envy you! xoxo :*

  7. Oh this is so sweet! Congratulations!!



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